Yes, Even BIG Kids Can Have a Fun Photo Shoot!

Last September one of my bestest friends in the whole world, I call her My Miss Julia… don’t ask… it’s just who she is to me… asked me to do a shoot with her three munchkins.  Ok, wait… 2 of them are anything but munchkins… all grown up now that they are.  But I know in their Momma’s heart they are still babies.  So I can get away with calling them munchkins.  This shoot would be special.  Not only because I love these kids like they are my own.  But most of this family would move 10 plus hours away just a few weeks later.  Moments with all 3 of these kiddo’s together in one place were already dwindling busy schedules being what they are and soon they’d be rare.  Elliott, the oldest has his own apartment,a job, and school so he wouldn’t be moving with them.  Julia asked me to capture them as they are right now. I couldn’t say no.  This is what I do this for.

We didn’t have much time.  Elliott had just a few minutes to spare before he had to jet off to work.  But it didn’t matter.  These three love each other like crazy and they had no problem pouring it on for the camera.  I laughed the whole way… and cried… I knew they were leaving.

I had also been promising little Ella a photo session all of her own.  She finally got her hearts desire.  Oh does she know how to work it for the camera or what?

To My Miss Julia and her beautiful family!  You are missed!  Thank you for the memories!

To see more of Ella, Emma, and Elliott please click the slideshow below.

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