A Faith Post… Religious Freedom!

I will have more on this I am sure but I wanted to point something out to you.  In many places in the world it is a crime to live out your faith.  Right now, an American citizen is being held in prison in Iran for his faith in Christ.  His name is Pastor Saeed.  He has been sentenced to 8 year for basically nothing.  The US, our President Obama, is for all intensive purposes ignoring the entire situation.

Today, right now as I type this, there are people in front of the White House in Washington DC praying and demonstrating to bring attention to this atrocity.  Some will be arrested.  My husband is among those gathered there today.  Please, if you pray, PRAY!  Pray something is done for Pastor Saeed.  Pray for religious freedom across the world.  Pray for God and the leaders in this country and elsewhere to be moved to make freedom of religion a reality EVERYWHERE!

Thank you for reading!


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