A Nice and Easy Holiday Projects!


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I have a bad habit of not getting anything together for my children for these smaller holidays… ie. Ground Hog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s day… you know… all of the ones right around this time of year. My Ezra adore’s lapbooks. So when I found A Journey Trough Learning Lapbooks I was excited. They have a whole section of what the Express Lapbooks for all of $1 each!

They looked simple enough. Like something we could do in one sitting without too much demand on Mommy to think it through and prepare. I grabbed the Valentine’s Day one as pictured below (it was partially done here, 1 more piece left), and the President’s Day one.

Valentine’s was quick and easy and done! I’ll report on President’s Day next week! Boy… these lapbooks make me feel prepared and like I managed to actually plan something! Ha!


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