Happy Birthday To My Fabulous Husband!

Yep! My hubby has a birthday today!  That means he is now as old as I am…. because you know I’m a whole month older than he is!  My children cannot wrap their brains around this.  The biggest person is ALWAYS the oldest right?


The kiddos gave him homemade cards this morning.  We’ll be doing a nice dinner too… at some point.  This crazy snow is still making getting out and about difficult.  More on that later.


Ah.. isn’t my family adorable first thing in the morning!  Gotta love them! Happy birthday to my amazing husband Todd.  He’s helped me grow so much with all of his love and support.  I can’t imagine my world without him.  Amazing husband and amazing father.  What more can a wife ask for!

Send him birthday love ok?


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