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Homeschooling in Connecticut

Do you want to know which is the absolute best state in the country to homeschool?  Connecticut!  Yes, tiny little old Connecticut!  Hard to believe such a tiny rather obscure state could be so awesome but it really is.  Why?  Well I’m glad you asked… let me tell you!

For those curious to know, because I would be, Connecticut is a non-reporting state.  Yes, that is right, we do not HAVE to fill out a notice of intent.  It isn’t required.  If you want you can just do your thing and no one will ever bother you.  It is all perfectly legal and I have to say, that is such freedom.

There are other reasons homeschooling rocks in Connecticut.  Where else in the entire country can you take a short train or car trip and hit not only New York City to the west but Boston to the north?  The plethora of museums and cultural experiences in these two cities is staggering and all it takes is a day trip!  Oh and the history! So much history in this area of the country it is dizzying.  Or if you prefer just turn south and before you know it you’ve hit the ocean!  We are so centrally located right here in tiny old Connecticut.

To read of my article about homeschooling in Connecticut please visit A Glimpse of Our Life!  Jennifer has collected an array of articles that highlight the best homeschool friendly places to visit across our glorious country.  Post a comment and let me know that you stopped by!


  1. Wow! Now I wish I could move to CT! I always thought it was such a beautiful, peaceful place, though I’ve never visited. NY has us fill out a letter of intent, a detailed IHIP for each child, quarterly reports for each child (that comes to 24 quarterlies a year for me – next year it will be 28), and an end of year evaluation or compentancy test. Whew!!! However, I don’t honestly mind. Keeps me in my toes on one hand. On the other, sometimes I wonder if I am more stressed about my children’s true learning abilities or completing ‘the requirements”. God has me where we are, though.

  2. Victoria I think I would pull my hair out! I suppose that might be because I come from absolute freedom! That’d be hard to give up! Thanks for reading!

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