Fix It Friday! has presented us with another Friday Fix It Challenge.  And boy was this one a challenge! Amy Locurto searched through her photo files to try to find one that would create a huge challenge for everyone.  I’d say she found a great one. Check this out!  I’m impressed she had it because this would have been deleted from my files instantly!



My first attempts were to make just a nice clean fixed up version… and of course a black and white.


After that I decided to have a little fun! I thought this might work with a vintagy sort of feel to it. Then I  figured since the the colors were wacky already I could embrace that and play it up a bit.



The winner in my book…. the nice and clean edit.  Nothing to crazy but tremendously better than the original!



Great challenge!  I enjoyed it! Maybe I’ll keep a few bad photos around just to mess with from time to time!


Thank you!

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