My Old Man – Macro Madness!

storyboard-801This is my 10 year old dog Odie.  You could say he was my first baby.  We got him shortly after we moved into our favorite first house.  He is a very sweet and loving and PATHETIC!  These days he has decided it is too scary to walk down our wood floor staircase.  Instead he stands at the top and barks until he come get him and carry him down.  Just like a baby.  He is also very playful, full of energy, and he absolutely demands that you play tuggies with him every chance he gets.  Oh, and 5:30 is his wake up time, it better be your wake up time too because if it’s not… well, he doesn’t care! That’s my Odie!

I took this photo with my lovely and delicious Nikor 60mm macro lens.  Love that lens! It shows off just how gray this old dog has gotten.  I processed it with a bit of hint of age… because I thought it fit.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I have a Boston myself and his name is Orson. He is also pathetic and my baby boy.


    • Pathetic describes my Odie perfectly! These days our favorite trick is to climb the stairs and then whimper and cower because we are too afraid to come down! Sheesh!

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