Our Get Out Of Debt Story Is On Purposeful Homemaking Today!

I shared with Purposeful Homemaking our story of how my family paid off $55,000 in debt… on one income.  You’ll have to go check it out!  It really is a testimony to how good God is!


They say ignorance is bliss. So I guess I lived in blissful ignorance for a while.Truthfully I was placing an unfair burden on my husband.  For years I let my husband manage all of our money. We had no budget. If I needed something, I just asked if we could afford it and being the agreeable man that he is, my husband generally always said yes.

After all, I was generally only asking for things that we needed and rarely for anything very expensive. Then one day someone told me they had misplaced a check I had given them and so it had never been cashed. I was bothered by this since I had given this lady her check more than four months before. I should have known that it never cleared. I went home that day and asked my husband about it. It turns out that he just hadn’t been keeping up with reconciling our checking account so I offered to look it over. One thing led to another and I started digging into EVERYTHING not just the checkbook.

I discovered we were about $55,000 in debt beyond our mortgage.

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