Kindle Freebies That Caught My Eye 4/10/2013

Kindle Freebies Just For You!

I thought I’d try something a little bit new.  I troll Amazon and other sites almost daily hunting down cool free Kindle Ebooks for my children, myself, and sometimes my husband.  I figured I could share the gold nuggets I find with all of you!  I tend to search for children’s books, Christian fiction, Christian non-fiction, parenting books, and occasionally something sci-fi or mystery to spice things up.  If I find any great plant-based recipe books I’ll be sure to post those too.  And of course I’ll share anything I find that is arts or photography related. I stay away from anything graphic.  I search for books with at least 15 reviews and I usually insist that the book has at least a 4-4.5 star rating.  I have not previewed any of these books myself so I can’t vouch for how well written they are.

And PLEASE make sure you check the price.  Free books come and go in heartbeat.  Also, just so you are aware… I am not an Amazon affiliate member.  I do not get anything at all if you download any of these books.  I’m sharing with you just because I like to share!  Enjoy!

Now… on to my Gold Nuggets for today!  Click the cover of the book and you’ll be whisked away to where you can check out the book yourself!

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