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I come from a psychology background.  That’s what I went to college for.  I discovered if I majored in psychology I could apply that degree to obtaining my certificate to teach in public schools.  What I found interesting was learning how children think or learn.  Unfortunately  I’d say the college I attended had a bit of slant on behavior modification.  Rewards and punishments, stickers for desired behavior and time out for bad behavior.  Don’t get me wrong, we learned a whole lot more than that but if I really want to boil it down this is what I learned…. if you aren’t succeeding at improving behavior than you haven’t found the right reward and/or the best punishment yet.  OR, you aren’t being consistent enough!  AGH!  Can I tell you a little secret, the first chapter of the book is titled Consistency Is Overrated.  Obviously these authors get it!  And they realize we parents are only human!  Such a breath of fresh air!

I graduated and moved on to actually teaching little children! In the schools it was ALL about rewards and punishments.  I found myself up to my ears in sticker charts and carrots like Thomas the Tank Engine toys and timeouts galore.  The prevailing classroom management technique across all of the grades even in the regular (non special education) classrooms (and I hear it is still used today) involved public shaming by displaying for the entire class which children were not displaying expected behavior that day.


I spent my days carrying around little slips of paper making little tick marks for how many times little Johnny did some terrible behavior I was supposed to be measuring.  I spent my lunch time frantically writing down what happened immediately before and after the bad behavior so we could discover what was causing it.  I spent my nights graphing instances of bad behavior and cross referencing all of my data to look for patterns.  Seriously, I was special education preschool teacher… this was my life! Not at all what I dreamed of when I went into teacher. Actually, it was far worse than this but I’m going to save all of that for a someday blog post.  Can I tell you something? None of it felt good in MY heart.  I wasn’t reaching these children and bringing out the best in them, I was training them almost like circus monkeys to display certain behaviors we wanted to see in school.  We might see good results in school, maybe.  Everyone knew for many of these children the improvement was tenuous at best.  What happened to reaching children to better their entire lives.  This b-mod stuff, as I call it, doesn’t do that at all in my opinion.

My classroom wasn’t the sort of nurturing and loving place I always imagined it would be.  No classroom was.  I burned out quickly and jumped shipped as soon as my first son was born.  It didn’t take long before I knew I wouldn’t be sending him to school either.  It wasn’t what I want for ANY child. One thing I knew for sure was I didn’t want my parenting to reflect what my schooling had taught me.

549388_493391314056409_1577221872_nBut if this sort of rewards/punishment/timeout/stickers sort of thing doesn’t work then what on earth does?  Well, I argue with you that the only way to create lasting change in a child or even an adult is to change their heart.  That is exactly what The Christian Parenting Handbook will teach you how to do with your children.  This book is organized into 50 chapters with 50 lessons, each readable in just a few minutes, full of insightful ideas that display true godly wisdom on positive parenting. It’s practical and hands on… not just theory but solid ideas. I love how everything is supported with references to scripture.  This truly is heart parenting.  While reading this book I have grown not only as a parent, but also in my walk with Christ.  I have developed a deeper understanding of how to parent in a manner that will develop not just positive behavior, but wonderful character qualities, internal motivation, and great heart attitudes.

In The Christian Parenting Handbook you’ll learn how to handle a child’s anger, how to be fair, how to teach responsibility, how to pray for your children, about disciplining in public, what to do with bad attitudes, and so much more.  You will learn how to turn your child’s heart around so that the desired behavior that you want to see in learned intrinsically.  They’ll become the children of great character that you want them to be not because you reward them for it, but because they want to.

In our home we consider to Bible to be our true guide to living right on this earth.  This book is your companion to your Bible.  Right now the first two books you’ll see when you open either of my kindles are this one and my Bible. They really work hand and hand.

Are you tired of nagging?  Yeah, me too!  This book will help you get it right?  Are you struggling to help your child take responsibility for themselves?  Yes, that’s a struggle here too!  I think I might actually be able to make change in that area now.  Do you find yourself and your child in a never ending cycle of frustration?  Yes it happens here too.  I plan to fix that now.

5277_513201428742064_89192533_nI highly recommend this parenting handbook.  It’s got to be the best one I’ve ever read!  If you never read another book on parenting this would be the one.   It’s available nationwide today in both  e-reader and paperback versions.  And to make this an even sweeter deal, National Center for Biblical Parenting (NCBP) is offering a package of free resources valued at more than $400 if you purchase the book between April 29th and May 5th. Just forward your purchase confirmation to, and they will email you your special product code for the $400 package.  You can read more about this great benefit AND register to win some free goodies… like an iPad Mini right here.

You need this book!  Trust me!  Order one for yourself, one for a friend, one for your church library, and keep one on hand for that baby shower you know you’ll be invited to one day!  My prayer is that this book will change your home the way it is changing mine… for the better.







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