Art in Homeschool: How to Make An Art Center! My Guest Post at Purposeful Homemaking!


Art in Homeschool: How to Make An Art Center! My Guest Post at Purposeful Homemaking!

I’ve always had a goal for my homeschooled children.  I’ve always wanted them to have open and free access to a wide variety of art materials and other “stuff” that they could use for creative expression and to enhance their dramatic play.

Once upon a time when I was a public school teacher I prided myself on the beautiful art center I created for my students.  I even…dare I say it…”tsk tsked” parents who cringed when their children came home with fingers and clothes stained with marker paint.

Why Art?
I view art as an avenue for creative development of course, but also for problem solving, and even scientific learning for children of all ages. Then of course there are all of the great fine motor skills the little ones develop.

But then an amazing thing happened.  I had my own children and I found that allowing my children open access to paints and markers and scissors and MESSY stuff drove me batty! I was just too exhausted to clean up after their messes. So I held off for a very long time. I kept scissors hidden, paints up high, glue locked away. I became that parent that I used to “tsk!” to. Yes, we really do change after we have children!

Today my oldest is seven and the baby is now 3l  I decided it was high time that I brought everything out of hiding and taught my kids how to cleanup after themselves! They are highly capable. I believe if I trust them with a little, then eventually I can trust them with a lot. I took a deep breath and took the plunge.
To read the rest of my post on our family’s new art center please visit Purposeful Homemaking.



  1. We love art in this house. I agree it’s great for creative development. Once my oldest moves out I want to make a little art center in the basement for the kids so they can go down there freely to work on projects if they want.

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