Baby Miles is 3 Months Old!

Do you remember Miles?  A few months back he, and his sister, graced my page with their adorable photos!  Miles was just a newborn then.  Now he is back to share with us he sweet little 3 month face.  Ah… doesn’t he look like quite the snuggler!

storyboard-944 storyboard-945 storyboard-946 storyboard-947 storyboard-948

This little guy is destined to be one handsome heartbreaker.  I can’t wait to share his 6 month old photos!  Thank you to his Mom Annie for being such a loyal client!  It’s a blessing to work with her and her family!

To see more of Baby Miles click the slideshow below.



  1. He is just adorable and that profile picture is amazing. Great job!

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