Growing in the Word: Proverbs 6:6-8 Continued Training Children to be Accountable


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about how we are trying to tackle the issue of laziness in our home.  The first week I shared with you how Proverbs 15:19 has really spoken to my me and my children.  It reads… Proverbs1519

After reading this our family adopted a new motto… “Get it done now and the work will be like a highway!”  Because of course putting it off and letting the work pile up would make it like walking through thorns to get it all done.  I can’t describe for you how much this idea resonated with everyone!  Suddenly it really did become easier to just jump in and do it instead of procrastinating.  It shifted not only my children’s attitude but also my own.

Issues did remain of course.  Now they were more willing to get things done but Mommy still had to remind them and ask them to do EVERYTHING!  Nothing was done without me asking and encouraging.   You can read more here  about how I turned back to my Bible and found this…

Proverbs 668

Now Mommy has a new To-Do list system that is working fabulously for me, but what about my children?  They too needed a to-do list.  That’s when I decided to reinvigorate a system we’ve used for a long time, but perhaps not nearly as diligently as we should.  Actually, I had never used the system with my youngest Joyanna… I knew it was time to get everyone back with the program.

The system I am talking about is The Accountable Kids System.  It’s a positive parenting system that provides a simple visual way for children to master routines, conquer expectations, and complete neccessary chores.  I discovered it a few years back and purchased it upon recommendation from another parent.  We’ve used it, sometimes more diligently than others, ever since.  I knew it was time to kick it up a notch AND get Joyanna her own board and start teaching her the system too.


Each child has their very own board.  We hang them in our high traffic kitchen so that we see them all day.  No excuses to forget what must be done next.  The boards are fantastic, sturdy, and attractive.  I love how the company will engrave your child’s name onto it for you.  I’ve seen some families on the interenet decorate them and paint their children’s name on.  That’s be great too. They’d look great stained but I leave mine as bare wood.  Joyanna’s is our must recent addition.  I just purchased hers last week.


Above each hook is a little icon that indicates what the cards under that hook are for.  The first hook is for cards that help the child understand their routine.  What do they have to do next?  As they finish the job associated with each card they flip it over and hang it on the next hook for finished.  After my children finish so many jobs they earn a ticket.  We have rules about the tickets.  They have to do their job without reminding, with a good attitude, and they must do quality work.  The tickets can be turned in for screen time (Kindle or iPad games, Wii time, a show, or a movie).

Other hooks hold cards that indicate the child’s chores for the day and an additional reward system.  If the child earns ALL of their tickets in a day they get a star.  After so many stars they get to pick a special treat to do with Mom or Dad.  Our kids, believe it or not, almost always choose to bring their brother and sister along.  Go figure.


The cards are colorful and printed on sturdy cardstock.  I love how they have word descriptions printed on them.  This should really assist Joyanna with her early reading skills.


We recently added this second board.  It’s just a convient place to hold the tickets that get moved around most.  Before they were in a messy drawer.  As you can see there are a variety of tickets.  We do pay for certain chores in our home.  We feel this gives children an opportunity to associate earning money with work AND it gives them a chance to learn to save and purchase things on their own.  The Best Behavior Cards are given after we do something particularly dreary that the kids would never enjoy but they handled well… such as a trip to the doctor’s.  These are worth as much as a regular ticket.  We also have something called a Priveledge Pass not shown here.  We give these VERY VERY rarely when we see a child go above AND WAY beyond in care, attention, or attitude.  Priveldege passes can be turned in and used for ANYTHING that they use tickets for.  So one Priveldge Pass can buy them a movie, which normally costs 6-8 tickets.

When we consistently use The Accountable Kids System I barely have to utter a word throughout the day.  No need for reminders, nagging, or discipline to get things done.  The kids can clearly see what they are to do and when they are to do it.  In the beginning I did have to take several days to train them them… this card means this, that card means that, OH you earned a ticket… YEAH!  I’ve had to lay out clear expectations about HOW things should be done.  Shoving everything under your bed versus cleaning up properly will NOT earn you a ticket… and Mommy WILL check.  Joyanna is in the training process now.  She has figured out she needs those tickets if she wants Kindle Fire time.  Today she tried to get dressed twice as she wanted to earn more tickets!  She’ll get the hang of this soon I’m sure!

Yes I still have to be a bit of an overseer, my children are human after all… not ants.  And if I slack on this system I do find myself falling back into that role.  Now we are back at it and Mommy is doing a lot less overseeing these days than I once was.  Praise God for that.  My children feel more confident, in control, and capable.  Since I’m not nagging at them all of the time we all seem to enjoy eachother more too.  Not much beats that!

Do you have a system that keeps your children on track with their day?  I’d love it if you shared it in the comments so all of my readers can learn more about it too!


  1. Sounds a fascinating system. Getting these things to work consistently is always my problem!

  2. I have heard great things about Accountable Kids. I really should look into it more!

  3. I’ve never seen this, but it looks like a great system!

  4. I have friends who used this and loved it. Keep us updated on how it works this time around for your family.

  5. This looks great! I am going to look into it! 🙂

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