Review: See The Light Art Lessons

My Noah (7) adores art!  Ezra very much enjoys it too! As you probably know I do try to incorporate Biblical knowledge into anything we do.  So when I was given the opportunity to review a Biblically based video art learning experience called  Shipwrecked by See the Light I literally leaped!

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Before being accepted for the review Noah and I sat together and reviewed each of the possible programs that might be made available to us.  He chose Shipwrecked, which is the story of Paul’s shipwreck during his  trip to Rome as a prisoner.  The creatively artist teacher’s own artwork to magically portray the story from the Bible.  It then uses three key themes found in the story and integrates them into the art lessons that teach not Biblical truths, but art techniques such as chalk art, creative lettering, and mixed media drawing. The DVD sells on the See the Light site for $14.99 and is recommended for ages 6 and up.  My five year old Ezra was able to easily follow along and delighted in the experience as much as his big brother.  He was very successful with his art creations.  Even Joyanna, my just barely turned 3 year old enjoyed the story part of the lessons and getting her hands messy in all of the wonderful art supplies.

There is a list of required materials on their website. Most of the items we had here or home or we were able to pick up locally.  The only thing I couldn’t find were the fluorescent pastels.  I determined that these were absolutely essential to the experience and ordered them directly from See the Light!

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It was fascinating for my children to watch as the artist teacher put chalk to paper.  Such skilled teacher’s were chosen for this series that it was almost like magic as the images came to life on the paper. Their explanations on technique were clear and easily followed. Then it was my children’s turn to apply the same techniques.  I marveled at how closely the watched the teacher on the screen.  My boys would pause and rewind and rewatch their every move and then attempt the same technique on their own paper.CSH_9405

Each DVD contains three lessons in addition to the video of the Bible story.  All of the lessons are demonstrated by a teacher.  We experiences creative lettering, chalk art, and mixed media drawing.  The fun and magical part comes near the end of each lesson when your student uses a black light (purchased separately) for a wonderful surprise unveiling at the end.


Over all I can’t recommend this video enough!  Neither can my Noah who is 7.  I have had him in a couple of different art classes at a couple of different venues taught my artists in person.  I asked him how this compared. Noah said “Mommy, this is WAY better!  I learned so much more with this than I did before!”  Needless to say, I’m going to go ahead and purchase more videos.

One of the best advantages to these lessons was that it taught my boys how to use art supplies in new ways or how to combine materials in a way they hadn’t ever thought of.  For example, in the water color lesson we learned how to blend our paints and rock the paper around to create a really great looking sky.  Since that lesson we’ve had LOTS of water color painted skies in all of our art work.

I think they ONLY thing I will do differently going forward is to invest in an additional set of art supplies, enough for each child.  Both boys had to spend quite a bit of time waiting on each other and negotiating for supplies.  While it’ll be quite a bit more expensive, it will save us on time and frustration.

So there you have it!   Shipwrecked by See the Light was definitely a positive experience for our family!



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