6 Things My Children Love About Being Read Aloud To!

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It’s no secret that my children LOVE it when Mommy takes the time to read aloud to them!  I often read while they play Legos in their bedroom.  I lounge on their bed while they build away.  It works perfectly!  A couple of weeks ago I shared with you the reasons I think reading aloud to children is so fantastic.  You can read that post here.  I recently asked my children to share with me why the enjoy being read to so much! Here are their answers.

1. We like to hear about new adventures! We like to pretend we are really IN the story!

2. The more you read to us the more time we have to play Legos!

3. It makes us feel like you care about us because you are spending time with us.

4. It makes us feel happy and calm.

5. We can hear stories that are too hard for us to read by ourselves.

6. We like learning new things in the stories!

Do you read aloud to your children?  What have been your family’s favorite read alouds?



  1. Your children’s answers are so precious. I love reading to my boys too. We usually read together in the afternoons, they often play with Legos while I read to them or they will sit by me if it is a picture book. We also read together at night too. I’ll have to ask them why they like it too!

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