9 Easy Substitutes That Will Make Your Meals Healthier and/or Plant Strong!


Easy substitutes that save you money as well as being healthier.

  • For tacos try TVP (textured vegetable protein) or chick peas
  • Switch eggs to ripe mashed banana or applesauce for baked goods
  • In place of lettuce use kale and/or spinach (did you know kale and spinach have more vitamins and protein per calorie than does beef!)
  • If you’re not ready to take the plunge for drinking non-dairy milk try starting with it on cereal and in cooking (it comes in small containers and has a long shelf life)
  • Switch chicken broth to vegetable broth
  • For a healthier pasta dish swap regular pasta for spaghetti squash – Gluten free and super yummy
  • Swap a beef burger or a steak for an extra large portobello mushroom cap
  • Skip the oil/butter/cooking spray on your pans.  In the oven you can use parchment paper, on the stove toss a few mushrooms or vegetable stock in the pan instead.
  • Add beans and/or quinoa as a side dish to really boost that protein intake

Do you have any suggestions for making meals healthier?  Please share them with me in the comments!


  1. Excellent post! People don’t realize how important it is to change how we eat! One change we have made is in salt. We only use Pink Himalayan Sea salt because it is only a small percentage of sodium, and contains other minerals the body needs. We’ve been switching up our diet as this post suggests for a few years now and have enjoyed great results. My husband’s cardiologist is thrilled with his latest tests!

    • Thank’s Loretta! Funny, I had to add iodized salt back INTO my diet. We eat nearly no processed foods I wasn’t getting enough iodine into my body and had a goiter issue. I really didn’t WANT to do that though!

  2. Hi Crystal

    Thanks for the easy suggestions ………… it is so much easier to make smaller changes over time then to change overnight (if possible!). I’m currently working on cutting out wheat and going gluten free.

  3. great tips. we do many of these already, except the TVP (most soy in the US is GMO, so we don’t eat it). We substitute all kinds of bean for meat in many main dishes.

  4. Be careful swapping eggs. If it’s 2 or less, you can usually get away with it. Anything more than that and your baked good is likely to fall apart, because it’s depending on the protein in the egg whites for structure. (I’ve made more than my share of trifle-to-salvage-a-crumbling-eggless-cake.) Ditto for brownies – unless you’re starting with a recipe that doesn’t have eggs, just swapping them out gives you brownie soup. (Good on ice cream, but that’s about it.) A lot of those swaps won’t affect the outcome of your dish, but baking is chemistry and easily knocked out of whack.

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