Kindle Freebie Gold Nuggets for July 22

Today’s Kindle Freebies!!  PLEASE make sure you check the price. Free books come and go in heartbeat. I do skim the description and reviews… I try to avoid books with any questionable content but sometimes I’m sure to miss something and what may not be questionable to me might be questionable to you. So please use your own discernment when choosing which books to download. Also, just so you are aware… I am not an Amazon affiliate member. I do not get anything at all if you download any of these books. I’m sharing with you just because I like to share! Please let me know you enjoy these posts by liking or commenting at the end. Enjoy!

Now… on to my Gold Nuggets for today! Click the cover of the book and you’ll be whisked away to where you can check out the book yourself!

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