10 Days of Heart Parenting… What Exactly Does that Mean?

10 Days of Heart Parenting

Several months back I was given the glorious opportunity to review what turned out to be, in my opinion, the best book on parenting ever written. This book has done many things for me as a mother.  It has taught me many lessons, changed the tone of our home, and helped me take great leaps toward creating the sort of family and homeschool I feel God is calling me to create.  With this book and of course my Bible, I feel like I am finally on the path toward raising children with Godly character. I am no longer simply putting out fires and rigidly disciplining all day long.  I don’t think there is a family on this earth that this book cannot help, no matter your circumstances or special needs.  This is the single best parenting book on the market. It is calledThe Christian Parenting Handbook and you can read my full review here. 


What is Heart Parenting?  Well, to me nailing down my own definition is bit like trying to nail down jello.  Heart Parenting is a style of parenting that aims to reach the child’s heart.  Instead of absolute rigid rules, consequences, and strict discipline that lead to outward obedience but little change in the child’s internal character, the parent’s goal is to help the child change his/her heart which then leads to an outward and long lasting change in behavior.  It is God centered and creative.  Now don’t get me wrong, it certainly does not eliminate consequences and other such typical parenting techniques.  Instead this book teaches you how to use such techniques creatively and at the appropriate times while positively instilling Godly values.  This is certainly a very positive approach to parenting.

I’ll show you how parenting now looks in our home.  Yes, I’ll even give you a peek at some of my own failures.  My parenting journey began almost 2 decades ago when I studied child psychology as a university student.  It was shaped by classes and coursework, studies and journals, and of course by my years as a classroom teacher.  These influences definitely impacted who I became as a parent and homeschooling mother.  Sadly I have discovered that I actually had to unlearn much of what I was taught in order to become the mother God calls me to be.  

I’m inviting you to join me over the next 10 days as I share with you my greatest aha moments from within the pages of The Christian Parenting Handbook.  I will describe for you the techniques, stories, and truthfully common sense Biblical approach that is laid out by the authors has changed me as a child of Christ, a mother, and even a wife.  

I’m not the only parent who has had such a positive experience using this book.  I am being joined in this series by 5 other so make sure you stop by their blogs too as I’m sure they will tease different ideas than I will! I can’t wait to see what insights they’ve pulled from this treasure of a book.

I pray this series blesses you as much as this book has blessed me.


  1. This looks like a great book- I’ll be adding it to my list of books to check out. Dh and I speak to parenting groups and he is always referencing clients to good books!

  2. I really want to read this parenting book! I definitely need more guidance with regards to focusing on my child’s heart and raising her to have Godly character. My role models didn’t exactly provide me with the correct or good ways to discipline my daughter. I feel I am failing in some departments and need to take a closer look at what and how I approach discipline in out home. I was also a Psychology major and need to unlearn much of what guides me. These methods were the only ones I knew and I knew I wasn’t going to use those learned during my childhood. My discipline plan needs to change for the better and I would like to focus more on the internal aspects (heart-based approach) that will change my daughter’s behavior rather than what we are currently doing. Thank you for sharing this post and I plan on reading further post in this series.

  3. I would say that my parenting journey began more than 3 decades ago when I began to pay attention to how my parents and other adults parented and how I practiced babysitting. In reality my parenting journey began just over 18 years ago when my first daughter was born. I have always strived (and often failed!) to have a heart approach to parenting. I want to parent each girl individually according to *her* specific needs and to *hear* her when she speaks.

  4. Thanks for blogging on heart parenting Crystal. I was at a Young Life Family Camp this weekend and led 2 seminars on heart parenting. We talk about promoting a revolution in parenting where the focus is on learning to parent your child’s heart. It was a blessing for all. Now we get to focus on heart parenting for 2 weeks. I hope many parents are blessed!

  5. Looking forward to sharing this 2-week journey with you, Crystal! Praying many more families are changed by this blessed book.

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