Growing in the Word…. Prayer


Someone please raise their hand, stand up and shout, and let me know that I am NOT alone in my struggle with prayer!  I am just convinced I can’t be the only one!  Let me know if this sounds like you.  You sit down with a cup of tea (or coffee), perhaps a journal or an app on your device that lists the things I earnestly want to pray for.  You have a whole set up in mind that includes a desire to praise God for His glory, to thank Him for his blessings, a time to confess your heart, and even time for the… PLEASE DEAR GOD HELP ME! It all is well and good intentioned.

So you find a cozy spot free of distractions and you fold your hands, or lift them or… whatever you do.  You start off… Oh God in Heaven I want to lift your name in praise and worship as you are the most Holy.  Or something similar and then you’re all like… geeze I need to use the bathroom!  And then on your way back you figure you outta toss the laundry in.  Ok… back to prayer…. where was I?  Oh yes, I praise you Jesus… hmm… my coffee is empty I better go fill it up.

Ok, so HOPEFULLY this is a BIT of an exaggeration.  Or maybe it isn’t.  I don’t know.  But I do know this.  I am SO STINKING distractible when it comes to praying that I end up feeling ashamed and I mostly give up before I really get started!  I begging you all to let me know I’m not alone in this!

Can I confess?  It gets worse after God decides NOT to answer a prayer that I begged for with all of my heart.  My goodness I am like a child!  I don’t get my way so I walk off and do my own thing.  Pouting probably too!  God help me!  Then I feel guilty.  Next my brain convinces me that I’m just such a mess up so I had best just not bother praying at all because why on earth would God even want to listen to me in such a sorry state.

I have had to  hide this verse in my heart as it is my motivation to keep coming back to God time again, no matter what a sorry mess I am.


God wants our hearts no matter what.  So this is a reminder to myself and to you, that even if you consider yourself a prayer failure much like I feel I am, pull yourself up and go back to God.  He wants us no matter our messiness.


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