Pray for the Persecuted Christian and Pastor Saeed

A year has gone by and Pastor Saeed is still in prison.  You can help set him free!

Do you remember what my crazy husband did back in February?  The day he decided to jumped an airplane to Washington D.C. at the very last moment to pray for Pastor Saeed, an American being held in the worlds worst prison in Iran?  He titled that post… IRAN from God.  Well, as you would have probably guessed that wasn’t the end of it.

Pastor Saeed is still in prison.  He is regularly beaten, has been bleeding internally, and has been refused medical care time and again.  He has faced long periods of solitary confinement.  He lives in some of the worst conditions imaginable.  All the while, this man of God has been working to share his faith with fellow prisoners and guards.  I heard that 30 people have come to know Christ all because of Pastor Saeed.  Praise God!  Even in the most despicable of torturous places God can find a way to bring glory.

Meanwhile, Pastor Saeed’s wife Naghmeh Abedini has been working tirelessly to bring light to her husband’s situation.  Largely the U.S. government has ignored Pastor Saeed’s plight.  They don’t seem to care much that a U.S. citizen has been wrongfully imprisoned and is tortured for his faith.  But Naghmeh has given countless interviews, spoken on every national television station that will have her, and the list goes on.  Yes she wants her husband freed but she is also a strong woman of God who is using this time in her life to share Christ with anyone who will listen.  Again, God is doing great things to bring glory even through this terrible terrible time.

Yesterday marked a grim anniversary.  It has been a year since Pastor Saeed was arrested.  In his honor prayer vigils were held across the country, indeed across the world, to send petition to God to move hearts to have this man released and returned home to his wife and young children.  It was a time not only to pray for Pastor Saeed but all persecuted Christians across the world.

A photo of Pastor Saeed and his family.  I took this from Naghmed's Facebook page.  I pray she doesn't mind.

A photo of Pastor Saeed and his family. I took this from Naghmeh’s Facebook page. I pray she doesn’t mind.

Guess who took it upon himself to organize the vigil in our state?  Yes, my husband Todd.  My man stepped out of his comfort zone and reached out to new people in new ways to make this happen. He gave radio and newspaper interviews.  He called government officials.  He pounded the pavement to get this vigil noticed.



On the morning of the prayer vigil a local radio station replayed my husband’s interview.  (An interview that my husband was never able to hear by the way!).  Something extraordinary happened.  He got a call on his cell phone out of the blue.  A women in our state that we had never met heard the radio interview.  She was forced to pull her car over as she had a near breakdown right there.  Her husband is a Christian in IRAN and he too is facing persecution.  She wanted to thank my husband for the vigil.  It was just the encouragement she needed.  Todd hung up his phone and looked at me, his face white a sheet.  He hadn’t expect that.  Neither had I.


A list of names of those persecuted around the world.

A list of names of those persecuted around the world.

All in all we had 30 people joined us to pray for just over an hour at our state’s capitol.  People drove in from Rhode Island and Massachusetts to attend.  There were faces of people we have never met.  Some slipped in and slipped out so quietly we never even had a chance to say hello.  We sent up mighty requests of our God and we are expecting Him to send back mighty answers.



The prayers do not need to end with the vigil however. Rev. Patrick Mahoney, head of the Christian Defense Coalition, is headed to Turkey.  (You might remember him, he was the one that had himself arrested at the White House in February to bring attention to Pastor Saeed’s cause). He plans to go to the Iranian embassy and get permission to get into Iran.  There he plans to speak to Iranian officials and it is his goal to FREE Pastor Saeed!  We are expecting God to perform a miracle and we need your prayers to make this happen!  Praise God for men like Rev. Mahoney who will literally risk his own freedom, his very life even, to make this happen.



I have to put this in here.  This trip is not cheap.  Rev. Mahoney needs our help!  If you have any money whatsoever to spare… please consider donating.  Rev. Mahoney is a long ways from fulling funding this trip.  You can help the hands and feet of God by providing even just a fraction of the means necessary to make this happen.  Here is the the link.  Even a few dollars can help.



Will you join me in prayer for the persecuted Christians around the world, for Pastor Saeed, and for R. Mahoney and his quest to free a man wrongly imprisoned?  Thank you!


I am very grateful for every person who joined us yesterday!  Let Pastor Saeed and all persecuted Christians feel our love from a far and know that they are not forgotten.  It was very encouraging.  Here is that link again for Rev. Mahoney’s trip.  Thank you for giving.


  1. THANK YOU so much Crystal for sharing our prayer time and concerns with others in CT and New England who could not make it! May the Lord move swiftly to give relief to Pastor Abedini and SO MANY OTHERS incarcerated for their faith in JESUS!

  2. You bet I am joining you in praying for the persecuted Christians around the world, and, for the freeing of minds that are imprisoned, in bondage to ideas and beliefs which don’t allow for dissent and freedom of thought and expression.

  3. Thank you Crystal & Tom for leading yesterday’s prayer vigil on September 26, 2013 for Pastor Saeed and others who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus. Thank you for warmly welcoming us and introducing us to everyone. It is always great to join other Believers in praying to our LORD Jesus Christ. “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayer. But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil” (1 Peter 3:12). “The Lord is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous” (Proverbs 15:29).

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