When I Do It ALL and ALL Is NOT Enough!


I’m a mom and like all moms I bust my rear end day in and day out to give my children every opportunity in this world.  Sometimes that means we get to do great exciting things, sometimes that means I lay down expectations and consequences.  But mostly in means that my work just never ends.  Somedays, ok… most days, I wind up just exhausted.

Can I share with you my most frustrating days?  When I’ve given them too much and they only want more.  Here are some examples…

  • Field trip days.  Field trips are absolutely exhausting!  Field trips have to be planned, lunches have to be packed, the van has to be gassed up.  All day long I have to watch out for safety, bring out the best of the best of the place for educational purposes, I have to haul stuff, walk far, settle disputes, and generally keep everyone going and happy.  So why is it the minute we get home and I just want to collapse in exhaustion that my children cry because we are staying home for the night, or because I won’t read them a book, or because I won’t start a craft project.  I gave them ALL of my all day and it still wasn’t enough?
  • How about the…. YOU NEVER!  You know, when your child claims you NEVER take them anywhere, play with them, read to them, or for goodness sakes FEED them.  Yet you can rattle off 20 times you did just that thing in the last 3 days.  Doesn’t that just make you feel ever so unappreciated?  It makes me want to scream!
  • Or my favorite… as a fun change of pace I decided we should take an afternoon at the park, or at the Y to swim, or at a playdate.  I figure it’ll help us all focus better if we get some time away and some new scenery.  Then when it is time to come back together, perhaps the next day, to get some work done and my children pitch a FLIT!  Sometimes they even have the audacity to claim they need a BREAK!  Can you see me bashing my head against the wall here?

Please dear God do NOT let me be the only one who has EVER felt this way!  I believe my children are generally respectful and well behaved yet all of the above sometimes makes me wonder.  I have no answers for any of these things.  Really I think it is just a maturity thing.  My children are children and they will behave as such.  I do honestly tell them how they make me feel at these times.  I pray over time that will help but for now, I will lean on this verse.


I am doing the Lord’s work as I raise my children.  When the time comes I am confident that He will reward me for it. Praise God for that!


  1. Oh heavens… I have SO been there. It’s exasperating at times. but usually in my boy…it’s a sign of tiredness in him. He’s usually so level headed that when the “BUT YOU NEVER” comes up I know it’s a signal to just slow down and read for a spell. And just sit and listen.. both work well in this household.

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