Plant Based Breakfasts! Salad!


You can never have to many leafy greens in your diet.  Kale can help with digestion, lower cholesterol, decrease your risk of cancer, detox your body, reduce inflammation, and many other benefits. Spinach is no slouch either.  It is full of vitamin C and it also boasts anti-cancer and anti-inflammation benefits.  Why not add these foods to your breakfast routine?  That’s what I’ve done recently.  A simple salad with kale, spinach, a little fruit, and some nuts and I get an awesome boost to start my day!  Other times of year I’ll toss in some carrot shreds, a bit a cucumber, or whatever I can find that’s fresh and if I can… in season.  Let me know if you give a breakfast salad a try!


  1. Wow I never even thought about having a salad for breakfast thank you for sharing. I didn’t realize that spinach had so many benefits.

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