A Little Look At A Great Girl

I have a number of photo sessions to blog.  Here is just one from a recent favorite… Ok they are all my favorites!  This is Sarah!  I had a ball with her! Be on the look out for her whole session soon!



  1. Beautiful!! I want to see the rest of the session!


  2. Very nice blog! I love that you are a small business owner too. I have a writing & editing business. I also blog under my own name and have been told I have a great pen name. I do have difficulty sometimes telling people the name of my blog though … because it doesn’t have a catchy name. Do you ever encounter that? When someone says “what’s the name of your blog?” what do you say? #BB100

  3. Great picture! Bet the rest came out beautifully!!

  4. What a beautiful smile, nice shot!

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