Voice of the Martyrs and Helping Persecuted Christians Around the World


Did you know there are people in this world who are imprisoned, beaten, tortured, starved, and killed for their faith in Jesus?  It happens more often than I’d ever care to think about.  This occurs even in some countries that claim religious freedom.

It is a hard thing for me to fathom as I am able to openly express my faith however I wish.  Perhaps I might be scoffed at.  Someone might say something disparaging to me.  I might even loose relationships.  Though I have a chance to gain many more.  At this point in American history I have no fear of being stripped from my home at gunpoint in the middle of the night.  No one is going to torture me by whipping me with chains, burning me with hot irons, or starving me until near death.

I am blessed to be able to attend a comfortable church, coffee in hand, and listen to sermons meant to fire me up for Jesus.  I have access to more Bibles than I can even count, right here in my home, and I have no fear that the police will charge me with a crime for that.  I share with anyone I meet about the love of Jesus and nothing truly horrific is likely to happen to me.

So what can I do from my little comfy corner of the world?  How can I help those facing what I view as the unimaginable? Plenty!  I can do plenty! And so can you!


Yesterday, Jack Flynn,a volunteer representative from Voice of the Martyrs spoke at my church.  He spent time opening our eyes to the realities of too many Christians in our world.  He told us all that there is one very simple thing that we can all do that will take us very little time, effort, or expense.  We can write letters to those who are imprisoned!  It sounds so simple but it can have a dramatic impact.  If a prisoner who might be feeling forgotten by the world learns the prison is being flooded with letters, for him, it can raise up hope and strength in a way that we can’t even imagine.


Jack shared a wonderful website called Prisoner Alert.  There you will find a list of Christians imprisoned for their faith.  You can read their stories and even see a photograph.  Once you choose a prisoner to write too you click on a button that says… write a letter. You’ll be given a drop down box of phrases and scripture to choose from to compile your letter.  Why do you make you choose from premade phrases?  Because the website then translates the words you choose into the native language of the prisoner.  How amazing is that!  My family was able to put together two letters for two different prisoners in a matter of minutes.  The address is provided.  Now we just have to send them off.

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Incredible!  We will pray over these letters and ask God to deliver them and use them for His purposes.  This was so easy!  We’ll be sending more soon!

Please share this post with others so they can learn more about this cause and hopefully be lead to send letters of their own!


  1. That really is a great deal! Maybe I will see if I can’t get some done this week. I would love to be an encouragement to someone.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I believe I’ve heard of this, been a subscriber to VOM. I might try it with my boys. Thanks!

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