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Our family recently had the opportunity to review Peter Rabbit at the Farm and How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea by Kinder Cottage Publishing. These are just two Peter Rabbit stories published here in the United States. They are just like the Peter Rabbit stories we all grew up with as children.  Kinder Cottage Publishing has released 10 Peter Rabbit books in all. These books are ideal for ages 3-9.  They will cost you just $4 each or $30 for the entire set.storyboard-1128

Peter Rabbit books are wonderful throwbacks to a time when childhood was pretty simple.  Children played outside a lot.  Mischief was certain but consequences were natural.  These books are pure innocence and childhood and not much else.  It is funny to call them refreshing as they are certainly not new stories.  But compared to what one might find now a days, that is what they are… refreshing.

The books come as little 5” x 7″ hardbacks that make them easy to hold and perfect to snuggle up on the couch with for a nice read aloud session.  They feature simplistic yet artful original illustrations.  These look just like the ones you grew up with.  It is very much like a glimpse back in time when you open the pages.


Peter Rabbit at the Farm is a classic story of Peter Rabbit’s misadventures. Peter Rabbit scoots away from home and runs into Little Pollie Possum who trudging her way down the road.  He knocks over her basket of persimmons which she had taken from Mr. McGregor’s garden. But Peter knows how to make amends and Pollie Possum does eventually forgive him.

It isn’t long before Peter runs into Little Goosie Poosie who is so upset as the water has run out of the swimming pond and no one knows quite what to do.  Peter, being a rabbit quite capable of great mischief quickly noticed where the mahem had come from.  It turns out a muskrat family had made such a hole the water in the damn had run out.  So Peter sets about, with the help of all of the animals, to fix it.  Once fixed Peter finds himself in the pool, covered with mud and soaking wet.  And so the story goes as Peter visits many of the animals on the farm and inevitably winds up in some sort of happen stance.  My daughter Joyanna (4) and I had a great time laughing at all of Peter’s mishaps.


In how How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea Peter is left at home his sisters by his Momma.  She leaves very specific instructions for where he should be while she is away.  But of course this is Peter Rabbit, there isn’t a chance he is going to listen and obey.  Despite his sister’s protests, Peter sets out for the brook to play pirate with his sailboat.  Peter gathers materials from Tillie Top-Knot to build himself a boat.  Shortly after Peter sets sail and runs into all kinds of characters on his journey at sea including Granddaddy Whale, Oldman Shark, Johnny Crab, Gruff Old Sword-Fish, and even Sammie Seagull… who eventually helps Peter back home.  It’s a fun little adventure that kept my daughter and I engrossed and delighted.

My two older boys (6 and 8) both pretended to not be so interested.  Funny thing is, I caught them each reading these books when they thought Mommy wasn’t looking.  Apparently the delight the older crowd too.

If you are hunting for classics from a time gone by… you can’t go wrong with these books.  They are simply wonderful.

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