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My family was blessed to welcome a precious baby into our family just 7 weeks ago.  Ever since life has been a whirlwind.  My older children are totally enamored with this little princess.  Mommy and Daddy are busier than ever and totally sleep deprived.  It comes with the territory though doesn’t it?

To say our homeschool routine has be upheaved would be an understatement.  I’ve definitely had to make some pretty big adjustments to keep this ship on course and I thought I’d share a few of them with you today.

1.  My older children won’t be deprived.  I battle feelings of guilt when I totally tell myself that my older children would all have such a better educational experience if we didn’t have to stop to love on and take care of their baby sister.  Nothing says crazy like Mommy jumping up from some lesson to change clothes (and diapers, and baby clothes) because the baby had a blowout.  In the end though my children gain so much more!  They learn how to adapt and put others before them.  They learn a bit more independence.  They learn to serve when they help each other or their poor mom get through to the next thing.  No school lesson will ever really teach any of that.

2. There are alternatives to big, crazy hands-on, flashy, pinterest filled school lessons! There has to be because I’m too tired and too stressed to put that much effort into school. I’ve had to mostly give these things up.  Instead I’m opted for read alouds.  We have ALWAYS read aloud… a lot.  Now I lean on it even more.  Almost all of our curriculum I can do from the comfort of my rocking chair with a nursing baby in my lap.  I’m starting to realize that I actually adore this.  Such sweet time snuggled together as a family.  For those times when I just can’t read any more… there are ALWAYS audiobooks.  Just today we listening to and comparing various styles of poetry… all thanks to audiobooks.

3.  Just when you think you’ve got a routine down pat, the baby will enter a new stage and you’ll need to readjust.  I’m learning I have to be okay with readjusting.  I need to do it nearly daily.  Each day someone in this house needs something different.  So we adjust.

4. It’s okay to have a quiet time in your day.  Yes!  Even my 4th grader has to lay down with a book each and every day for an entire hour.  Praise God for this quiet time.  Dare I admit, I nod off from time to time when I need to.  Moms, cut yourself some slack and find rest in your day.  You’ll be that much better for it.

5. If your kids are like mine they adore ADORE their little baby beyond belief.  So much so that they actually DRIVE ME CRAZY trying to love on the poor thing.  She’s a distraction because they think every sound she makes is just oh so cute.  So… I’ve built in baby time.  Time when each sibling takes turns “being in charge” of the baby.  Not only does this satisfy their baby craving… a bit.  It also makes the older kiddos feel important, and competent.  It teaches them how to love and put others first.  It cements the bonds between the siblings.

If you go back and read my five points again you’ll see this… these days aren’t so much about learning facts and figures, honing our math skills, or sharpening our writing proes.  It is about family.  It is about celebrating a the precious gift that is our new baby.  It is about learning to love one another in a whole new way.  These lessons are the most valuable.

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