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One of the the beauties of homeschooling is that I get to take history a step further than you’ll typically find in a traditional school classroom. Not only do we explore the who/what/when/where and why of important dates in the history of our world and this country, but where possible we also explore the role Christianity had played in those events. Faith is often erased from traditional history books so sometimes exploring this topic can be a bit difficult. When we were given the opportunity to review something New Liberty Videos I was excited. New Liberty Videos creates historyDVDs with a focus on Chiristianity. We chose Warriors of Honor which is a documentary the the faith of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. It reviews the major causes of the civil war, major battles, and some of the historical and cultural context of the time.


What is it Like?

Visually this documentary is quite well done. They offer the viewer lots of actual photos of both Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. There is footage of reenactments of various battles that help set the scene of the times. The viewer is immersed in the sites, sounds, and historical context of the times.

The first half of the documentary focuses on Stonewall Jackson. There is a great deal of depth into his faith, how it impacted his decisions, and his efforts to stay true to it throughout the war. There is some background information about his personal life provided as well.

The video then shifts focus to Robert E. Lee and continues in much of the same vein. There is a great deal of discussion of his faith and some information on his personal life.

I have to say that I thought the video would be a bit more about the Civil war itself with the stories of these two men interwoven. Some of the battles discussed in the video are Manassas, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. Really the focus of the video was entirely on these two men and their faiths. The story of the war itself is a bit secondary.

Our Take On It

I watched this documentary a couple of times on my own and once with my two boys ages 7 and 8. They adore history and are hungry to know everything can about the great wars of our country’s history. Anything American history is very hot in our house right now. They appreciated this documentary and retained quite a bit of information from it during our chat afterwards. They appreciated the visual aspects, particularly the battle reenactments. They did note that the narration was a bit boring to them but I feel that is truly a reflection of their age. While I’m glad they watched this documentary it really is geared toward someone older. Teenage and adult history buffs would probably gobble this up.

This documentary can be purchased for $19.95. It is approximately 80 minutes long plus some bonus features.

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