Encouragement for a Mother’s Heart….When You Are Tired!


My baby was awake at 3am this morning.  Thankfully it wasn’t one of those long crying jags nothing seems to fix.  But she was restless and semi awake the rest of the night.  Guess what, that meant I was too.

We’ve had a cold in the house for the last week and half.  Someone is awake hacking the night away most nights.  Guess what, that means I’m awake too.

A standard day has me running to countless places… swimming, karate, field trip, doctors appointments, you name it.  This makes me tired.

The baby will be ready to again soon.  And then again and again and again.  I think she’s growing.  She’s more attached than not these days.

By the time bath, bed, and a book time rolls around tonight I’ll be weary.

This week I’ve got a lot of extra chores on my plate because we host Thanksgiving.

I have a husband who deserves some attention.

It’s pouring rain down as I speak… how I long for some warm sunshine.

There is snow in the forecast… where is my shovel?


MOM’s we are EXHAUSTED!  We try so hard to be supermom but really we are just worn.  We walk around acting like everything is ok.  We feel like failures because we can’t do it all.  But we aren’t failures.  We are normal human beings.  We need to ask for help!

Ask your husband to cough up some dinner one night. Even one night can be such a blessing.  Pop in a movie for your kiddos and take a nap.  I promise it won’t rot their brains.  Don’t worry about having a picture perfect house.  Some dust bunnies, dishes in the sink, and unmade beds aren’t going to harm anyone.  It doesn’t make you a poor mom.  Have enough energy for you children and your husband is way more important.

Reach out to the Lord.  He can give you that energy you need to make it through the day and the crazy times.  He knows how you are feeling.

Psalm 46:1 says… God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Call on Him.

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