That Time I Hit a Slump!


It’s January! That time of year, every year, when the days are long yet the sun sets early.  When its so cold and the snow makes it such a drag to go out that we stay home probably way too much.  It is the time of year when I look back to September at all of my hopes and plans and I realize we aren’t where I had hoped and I get discouraged.  I seem to ignore all of the side tracked bunny trails we’ve traveled down that were so rich and worth every moment.

Time to reassess and revamp and dive in anew.  Our homeschool has lost some of the hands-on fun that really got us excited about learning.  It has been some time since we’ve done a lapbook or a science experiment.  Why have I let those things slide away?

I know I’m not alone.  A lot of my homeschool moms find themselves in the slump come winter.  Maybe it is time to take a poll and find out what they do to pull themselves out.  What do you do?

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