Real Life Homeschooling: The Fear

I’m continuing today with my series on Real Life Homeschooling.  Yesterday I shared with you what our crazy schedule looks like most days. It is pretty chaotic as you can see.  The feedback I received from that post was a bit overwhelming. It seems to be a relief for other moms to learn that they are not alone stumbling through the daily chaos.

Today I share with you my homeschooling fears.

I think people perceive me as pretty confident in my parenting and homeschooling.  Truthfully though I carry many fears about this homeschooling thing.


So what am I afraid of?

1. I’m afraid that some day my kids will hate me because their childhood went against the grain of society.  Homeschooling becomes more common by the day so this fear ebbs a bit a time but I still fear that they’ll decide I some how screwed them up because they didn’t have the typical traditional school experience.

2. I’m afraid that that I’ll miss teaching them something vital.  I laugh at this one.  It’s so silly.  No traditionally schooled child learns absolutely everything (and they forget half of what they learn) so I really don’t why this one bothers me.  It makes me decide grammar is super important one week and not so much the next.  I mean… when in life do you ever diagram a sentence?

3. I’m afraid I’m teaching them the wrong way. I’ve thought about this one more these days as the internet floods with what looks like ridiculous Common Core math where it takes 100 steps just to figure out what 28 plus 32 equals.  I have my children to figure this out the way I learned it.  Will they go take some standardized test some day and be flunked in math because they do things my way?

4. I’m afraid I’m not doing enough! If our schooling isn’t blog/pinterest worthy, if we aren’t in 20 different activities, if we aren’t cruising through all of our curriculum, if we aren’t visiting with friends a million times a week…. if if if if if… I always feel like there is something I’m not teaching them (Latin anyone?) or some experience they are missing out on.  No matter how much we are doing I am convinced it just isn’t enough.

5. I’m afraid that homeschooling will damage our relationship.  Right this minute my son is working on an essay.  Each time he hands it to me I have to REMEMBER and REMIND MYSELF to find the things he does right and not just harp on the things he needs to work on.  I’m blessed with incredibly bright children.  I have high expectations however our relationship is far more important than learning to write the perfect essay.

6. I’m afraid that when my children grow up and move on in life I won’t know what to do with myself. Someday I won’t be a homeschooling mom any more. My entire life is wrapped up in educating and disciplining my children day in an day out.  What will I do when that is over? That scares me!

7. I’m afraid I’m so caught up in the details that life is passing me by! While I’m so worried about whether or not my son can write a great essay are more meaningful experiences passing us by?

Taking 100% responsibility for your children’s education… yeah this is scary stuff!  Logically though I know that what I am doing is the absolute best.  And just like I said in yesterday’s post, when I come up for air I can see the fruits of my labor.  Thankfully I have a husband who cares enough to point out the good things to me.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… my God is the one really in control of everything and if I trust Him He will ensure my children and I get everything we need.

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  1. I have come to find that my fears are always unfounded…lol I buy this curriculum and that (particularly for the younger years) and find that they already know this stuff! I’m learning as time goes on to relax more and go with the flow, and that as long as I’m working with them formal or informal, they are learning!!

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