Review: S is for Smiling Sunrise Alphabet Book by WordsBright

I have a sweet little book to share with you today.  It is called S is for Smiling Sunrise by WordsBright.  WordsBright is a small little publishing house for educational children’s books.  S is for Smiling Sunrise is their debut book.  I think it is an excellent choice.


When you open the first page there is a space to write in the child’s name and the name of the person giving the book.  I remember when I had my baby shower for my now 9 year old son lots of people gave us books instead of cards.  They inscribed a little message to my yet to be born son.  We treasure these books now almost 10 years later.  I could so see giving this book to another expectant parent.  What a sweet little gift.

As you turn the page there is a dedication and then a note that says

At least ten percent of net earnings from this book will be given to health and education projects for disadvantaged children.

Clearly WordsBright publishing is more than just another children’s book publisher.


S is For Smiling Sunrise is a twist on your traditional alphabet book where every page brings fort a new letter with a corresponding word that starts with that letter and a sweet little poem, plus more!  I’ll get to the more in a bit. We begin with…

look-inside-51-825x660A is for Artwork

Drawing and painting

Singing and dancing too

Art makes life interesting!


Written for the early childhood set (prek-3rd grade) this book is vibrant in color, flowery in language and vocabulary, and an overall delight to read for both adults and children.

I chose to read this book with my daughter Joyanna who is just shy of 5 years old.  She already has a good grasp of her letters.  She is able to identify them easily and she knows MOST of their sounds.  This book was a fun way for her to just practice hearing them all in new way.

The book itself is a hardback book and the pages are made of a high quality paper.  This is a book that can handle the demands of multiple readings and the rugged handling of little hands. There is an  audio CD, with MP3 available via download and Teacher’s Guide as well. The CD makes the words in the book into sing song like rhymes that were quickly burned into everyone’s minds!  Joyanna loved repeating them.

The teacher guide helps you use the book to teach your children values and virtues that are mentioned in the pages of the book itself.  How sweet!  As I said before, this is a book that more than just another alphabet book.  You are given some ideas for question to help you start conversations with your child both before and after you read the book.  There is help with laying down new vocabulary words and over all just a great deal of information to help your family really get the most from this book.

If you are looking for something fun to ready yet enjoy digging into books and really soak the most out of them then S is for Smiling Sunrise by WordsBright just perfect! 

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  1. The idea of giving a book instead of a card is a fabulous idea! I just gave an expectant friend a boardbook that that had been handed down to me when my oldest was born…I didn’t think to inscribe it though.

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