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What homeschooling parent isn’t always on the hunt for new ideas to make life and schooling work well!  Whether you are a brand new homeschooling family or a seasoned veteran I’ve got something for you! Our family recently reviewed Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course by Successful Homeschooling Made Easy.  

This is a course geared toward homeschooling moms.  Stephanie Walmsley, the creator, is a long time homeschooling mom and she has poured plenty of her experience into this program.


Successful Homeschooling Made Easy is a 26 week course that is offered online.  The content is delivered a week at a time via your email giving you the opportunity to read, review, take notes, digest, and tweak your homeschool before more content in made available.  The lessons come in PDF format.  You can print them or do as I did and send them to my iPad for easy reading.  A few bonuses are sprinkled throughout the course as well to keep you on your toes.  

Each week you are given two or three assignments to complete in your homeschool before the next week begins.  The assignments build on each other week after week.  The lessons are reasonably short and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes a day to read to through.

The first week begins with reassurance for the homeschooling mom.  We tend to be worriers and this is true whether you’ve been at this forever or just a few days.  Walmsley does her best to squelch the fears and set your state of mind to one of calm.  Even at the ripe age of four we wonder how we’ll ever tackle trigonometry or get our kiddos into college.  She reminds us to just get started and focus on just one week at a time and the rest to take care of itself.

Once this is done you jump right into homeschooling and creating a simple schedule.  She breaks up the time into hours such as Literacy Hour and then she adds in Numeracy Hour.  The schedule is kept flexible and more is added as the weeks progress.  By slowing adding things slowly it helps a mom and her kiddos avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Interesting to me, early on Walmsley uses a term common in our home.  She tackles some areas of life that seem unrelated to homeschooling.  She calls it Fireproofing your homeschool.  In our home, when we fireproof something we mean that we take steps ahead of time to ensure that when the going gets tough our home (family, relationships, etc.) stay strong.  That when the “fire” comes (which is some sort of crisis) we are relatively prepared so not much damage is done.  Walmsley has you really think about the whys of what you are doing so that when the going gets tough you don’t automatically throw in the towel.

How I Used This Course and My Thoughts

Given that it is late in our homeschooling year and we aren’t new homeschoolers and since I have goals I want to accomplish and reviews to complete I didn’t simplify our scheduled the way Walmsley recommends.  For the most part I read the material and reflected on the discussion questions.  I do anxiously await my emails on Tuesday.  This course has helped me to stay focused and excited even as the spring has arrived and I’d sometimes like to be doing anything BUT schooling my kiddos.  It has made me excited about homeschooling again.

I do think I’m going to take her add a bit at a time approach in January when we come back after the Holiday break.  That’s the time of year when things are pretty new for us and we aren’t doing many reviews.  It could work perfectly!  And I’d feel so much more relaxed.

It has reminded me to reflect on WHY we are doing this crazy thing.  It has helped me recenter on what is important and to see a bigger picture.  I always loose the big picture in the details of my life.

I appreciate how Walmsley walks you through the steps in an incremental way.  I think this is FANTASTIC for new homeschoolers.  I often advise new moms to start slowly. Add things in bit by bit.  Feel out this new way of life.  Can I tell you no one listens to me.  They pull their kids out of school on Friday, cram the kids into a full fledged 40 hour homeschool program on Monday and by Friday they are calling me crying because they want to quit!  This course reiterates what I’m always telling new moms… SLOW DOWN!  Take it a bit at a time.  Relax!  You will get there!

The slow 26 week pace seemed crazy to me at first.  Who is going to keep this up for 26 weeks?  But really it makes sense.  It MAKES you slow down.  Instead of racing through and reading the material all at once you take it bit by bit and make changes or add things gradually!  Awesome!

I’m looking forward to the remaining lessons!  They will keep me encouraged and on task.  They will help me remember to enjoy this homeschooling journey!

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Review

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