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logo-88daa1591fea1ca0d329db20e36c8c86dd82b342_zpsjood7zfaI absolutely LOVE to supplement our schooling with media.  It’s sort of a funky thing because I’m actually really strict about my children’s screen time.  Whether they choose movies, Kindle Fire Games, or Minecraft I only allow about an hour or two a week.  However, I’m a bit more liberal when it comes to school related content.  Great shows that really are educational can be a bit daunting to find.  Particularly if you are hunting for something about a specific subject.  That’s where SmartKidz Media by SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers can be a huge help.  SmartKidz Media is a website full of pre-screened, child friendly, educational videos that you can pull up for on demand streaming.

In exchange for our  review we received one full year’s subscription to SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers.  Most of the media is video based however there are study guides, ebooks, and other music related content as well. Take a look at what they have to offer.

  • Animals and Wildlife
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Documentaries and Culture
  • Cultural Music Collections
  • Jazz and Blues Classics
  • Relaxation Music Collection
  • Health and Fitness
  • History
  • Lifestyles and Cuisine
  • Travel and Adventure
  • Fine Arts
  • Classical Music
  • Mighty eBook collection
  • Baby Signs
  • Easy Learning for Special Needs
  • Living Skills
  • Ready-Set-Sing
  • Fun Zone (fun Jokes and other content)
  • My Animal Family
  • Study Guides

The most important thing to note is that you do need a strong internet connection to get the most out of  SmartKidz Media.  If you are used to successfully streaming video than you should be all set.


How We Used This Resource

There is quite a bit of content available and more has been added even since we began our review.  Since we were wrapping up some of our studies of the ocean we thought we’d start by looking for related videos.  We enjoyed videos like Magic of Nature: Water Planet and Magic of Nature: Deep Sea Magicians. My 7 year old is a budding chef. He LOVED the videos in Lifestyle and Cuisine section.  We are vegetarian so he chose the video on that subject first! My five year old Joyanna loves the Mighty Ebook section. She likes the Beatrix Potter and Aesop’s Fables the best.  My 10 month old is the PERFECT age for learning sign-language so I have been brushing using the Baby Signs videos.  We’ve also been streaming the classical music during certain times in the day, just for the fun of it!  We are VERY excited about the History videos that were recently added. We just like any sort of history.  As a family we are moving into a study of American History and those videos are coming soon.  Of course they enjoy the Fun Zone with the games, jokes, and puzzles.  More of this type of content is coming soon!


There is such a wide variety of content available with more being added regularly that it is really hard to serve justice to just what is offered here. There are so many science, world cultures, and fine arts videos that we haven’t had a chance to explore yet.  Every time I log on there is a new discovery, I find myself saying… “Oh I didn’t know they had that!”

What Do We Think?

The quality of the videos is top notch.  I do not believe these are videos that can be found elsewhere.  They certainly aren’t available in any of the other streaming video services we have memberships to (and we have memberships to a couple of the biggest ones).  Many BBC videos and are really complimenting, enriching, and adding  a great deal to our studies.

There are probably countless ways to utilize this in your homeschool.  I love being able to find enriching, appropriate and ENGAGING videos that tie into our studies with  just a click or two.  This is also extremely useful for encouraging children to investigate more about nearly any educational topic they are interested in.  We love self-directed learning around here. I do wish they had some sort of search tool.  It’d be great to search the content by topic instead of scrolling and clicking.  One thing that some of my readers may want to know is that these videos are not creation based.


The mighty ebook collection is a lot of fun.  My daughter is learning to read so she really enjoyed this section.  As she is learning to read she really appreciated how the words on the screen are highlighted as the “book” progresses on the screen.

The Fine Arts section is such amazing.   It is really full of exactly the kind of material I actually really struggle to find in an interesting and age appropriate format for my elementary aged kiddos.  It is really fascinating to see them tie art and music together with titles such as The Art of Van Gogh, The Music of Bach.  There is such a great collection of cultural music from around the world. It would take me many hours to compile all of these great sources together.

This is the kind of product that can really boost enthusiasm in your homeschool.  What you do with it, how your kiddos use it, and what your family gains from it are all entirely up to you.  This will be a much used resource all year long.

SmartKidz Media Review
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