What Are We REALLY Striving for Here?: Day 2 Back to Homeschool

Homeschooling!  Why on earth do we do this?  I mean, I pay so much in taxes to pay for the schools (as do my neighbors whether they have children or not) that it seems foolish in some ways to not take advantage of the education being offered just a couple of streets away from my home.  I was public schooled.  My husband spent part of his school years in public school.  We both turned out pretty well if you ask me.  Why take on the burden educating my children myself?  Why give up a sweet income I’d make if I were still teaching myself.  Why all of the sacrifice?


I’ll be honest.  This summer I had moments where I decided I couldn’t, I just WOULDN’T continue homeschooling.  If I say something like to that any of my friends I think they may faint.  The fact of the matter is any normal mother get’s tired.  I’m a normal mother.  I was feeling worn out, totally exhausted, and completely overwhelmed.  I had been neglecting my own health.  I was tired of living on a limited income.  I was tired of keeping all of the balls in the air that make this homeschooling thing work.  It felt so EASY to think about just sending them to school.  I had my husband so convinced I was done he even began poking around on our town’s board of education website to find out how to enroll them.

That’s when I realized I had to get back to focusing on WHY on earth I do this?

  • I do it because I believe the family should be the center of a child’s world.  Sending them to school makes school the center.  Schools are not healthy for anyone.
  • I do it because I believe God should be at the center of a child’s education.  God is not allowed in schools.  I don’t believe Christian schools can provide the kind of discipleship that I can walking every day with my children and serving on their more on-on-one guide through life.
  • I do it because I believe it is unhealthy for children to be surrounded by other children for hours on end day in and day. Children have not learned to be mature and upright.  Children need positive role models like their parents and carefully chosen adults.
  • I do it because I don’t believe a person can get a truly great education that is as wide as it is deep by sitting inside one building, perhaps even one room, day in and day out.
  • I do it because I value the sibling relationship and I believe schools often sever that bond.
  • I do it because I believe children need to be protected and I don’t believe schools protect children.
  • I do it because  someday soon as I launch them into the world I will know that I did absolutely positively EVERYTHING I could do to raise them to bring glory to God.  In the end I have to trust in Him to make it all work.  Please do not get me wrong.  I raising my children this way does not mean they will always walk closely with God.  Homeschooling isn’t a magic bullet.  I will rest easy knowing I did the best I could.
  • I do it because God has called me to do it.

There will come a day when I am once again worn out.  When school will sound like the easy path.  You’ll hit that day too.  Write day your list of why’s and put it some place where you can get to it easily.  Then on those days read it!  Read it out loud! SHOUT if you need to.  Never let go of the why’s.


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