When Life Crashes Into Homeschooling

Life happens!  No matter who you are you will face some sort of difficult circumstance at some point in life.  Probably at many points in life truthfully.  Being able to roll with the punches can be a challenge but it can also be a mark of character.  Showing your children how to adapt to life’s circumstances teacher them more than any math lesson could.

As homeschoolers we likely have more flexibility to adapt than other family’s might.  I’m a stay-at-home mom.  My children don’t have to be picked up or dropped off at school at any certain hour.  This means we can help others out when they are in need.

Recently we’ve been blessed to be able to do just that.  Unfortunately my mom has faced some difficult medical circumstances and she’s need support to get to doctor’s appointments and treatment.  While I would so much rather that she didn’t have to face this ordeal I decided to grab it as an opportunity.  An opportunity to show my children how we care for loved ones and how to be roll with what life tosses at you.

I share with you a picture I took on whim one day.  We were waiting in a parking lot for my mother to finish her appointment. My children had packed up their backpacks full of math, grammar, poetry and a whole bunch of other things to keep themselves busy. I didn’t think much of the photo.  I was sending it quick to my mom just to show her what her crazy grandchildren were up to.  Thinking back now I think it shows a lot.  It shows just how life keeps going even when hard circumstances crash into it.

I’m thankful for homeschooling.  Without it I couldn’t be there for my mom.



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