31090_Heart_Why do we give up the things that work? Am I the only one who lets the very things I know I need more than anything fall by the wayside? I must be crazy.

I know that in order to have the best day I must rise early before the sun is up. I NEED quiet and peace and time alone before the day starts. I need this like I need fresh air to breath and water to drink. Without it I spend a day playing catch-up, feeling frustrated and even down right angry for reasons I can’t even really describe.

Waiting until my children are awake and moving at a million miles an hour is a mistake. Yet it is a mistake I have continually made day after day for months now. A lot in my life has suffered for it.

Today I awoke early. Today is a new beginning. A renewal. I’m looking for others who are desperate for this time every day but who also struggle to actually get up and grab it. Is that you? Will you join me in this renewal? I’d love to hear from you.

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