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Bible studies!  I am so blessed that we homeschool and I’m able to participate in daily Bible study with my children.  It is vitally important to me.  If we accomplish nothing else in a day besides Bible study I call it a good day.  My family has tried everything.  During different seasons we have studied a book at a time, we’ve used a variety of programs, we’ve read devotionals, you name it.  I always have my eyes peeled for the next Bible Study to try.  So Bible studies from Grapevine Studies became available for review I knew I’d have to try this one too. We were blessed to review the Old Testament 1: Level 1 Creation to Jacob the traceable version good for 3-6 year olds and Old Testament 1: Level 3 Creation to Jacob geared for 10-12 year olds. These are a chronological study of all of the characters and events in the earliest books of the old testament.  

Grapevine Studies have a huge variety of Bible studies to offer your family.  Their style of Bible teaching involves learning the timeline of events and characters followed by more specific details. They provide a broad and then a more detailed picture of God’s story.  

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For this review I received the Teacher books for level 1 and level 3 and student books as downloadable pdf ebooks that I then printed and bound myself.  Part of the beauty of these studies is that they are entirely open and go.  There is nothing to prepare and you do not need to have any craft supplies on hand.  A dry erase board and a variety of colored markers are all you really need.  This is a very fun yet low tech/low key approach to learning all about God’s word.  It is great for young and sometimes wiggly children too.  The simply easy drawings make they feel successful as they learn and participate.

It is also quite easy to teach multiple levels at once.  While my two boys were ready for level 3 and my daughter was using the traceable level 1 we were able to do our Bible study together all at the same time. One entire lesson can take us about a half an hour per day.  If you have your children look up the scriptures and read them aloud on their own it may take you a bit longer.

Creation to Jacob is made up of 12 lessons.  We easily completed a lesson a day most days however it is very easy to break down the lessons into shorter chunks and spread the study out.  It is really quite adaptable to whatever works for your family.  Each lesson starts with a review of the timeline and memory verses.  The previous three characters studied are discussed and drawn out on the timeline using stick figures.  Yes, simple stick figures.  More on that in a moment.  You also review the memory verses that were previously assigned.  They can be written out or spoken aloud.

Once the review is finished you move on to the lesson for the day.  The lesson is typically broken into a couple of parts (which is why it is easy to do just a portion at a time).  Your children will draw using stick figures to depict what happened at that time to that character.  They drawings are done inside of their student book.  You will read aloud various verses that tell that character’s story and discuss what happened.

The stick figure drawing is genius.  It is just so simple!  Any child can be successful.  Whether they are creative and artistic or not.  The act of drawing also helps children more fully engage and remember what it is they are learning.  I said it before but I’ll say it again. It is so simple and everyone feels like they are successful.  The simple drawings also serve to keep study time short and to the point.  My children really look forward to Bible study time where they get to draw their stick figures.


My five year old daughter used the traceable version of level 1.  The drawings were already there for her and she just simply had to go over them with marker or crayon.  This feature kept her on track and enabled her to keep up with her bigger brothers.  It may not have been necessary for her age but it was a convenience I appreciated.

Over All

I really appreciate this Bible study.  It is very simple to implement.  My children are memorizing Bible scripture.  They are reviewing the God’s story as he laid it out in His word.  It also gives me a great jumping off point for discussion.  I like to focus on the big picture.  God loves us so much and he has had a plan all along to draw us close to Him.  We can see evidence of that plan in every story of the Bible.  He provides for all of our needs, he forgives us even when we sin, he calls us close to Him, and he sent Jesus to save us from ourselves.  These themes ring true in pretty much every Bible story.  This study helps me drive those points home.

Grapevine Studies Review

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