Hacks for cleaning the most commonly used kitchen appliances 

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Half of the little time we spend in our homes is spend in the kitchen – either preparing a meal or eating a meal with your family. And it doesn’t matter if we are preparing a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner, there are certain appliances in our kitchens that we use all the time, couple of times a day. The sad thing though is that we use them every day but we clean them ever once in a while because we do not realise that the dirt and grime can actually decrease some of our appliances’ efficiency. This article will tell you a few tricks for cleaning the appliances you use the most.

Your microwave, for example, is probably being used 2-3 times a day. But how often are you cleaning it? There is a trick that helps you clean it without wasting time on it. Get a cup or a bowl of water and add lemon juice or cut up lemons. Put it in the microwave for 3 minutes, when it is done simply get a sponge and wipe the inside of the microwave. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s simple. It basically cleans itself. Instead of lemons you can use white vinegar, it does the same job are saying from Flat Cleaners SE10.

This simple and easy hack can be used to clean a big part of your appliances. Put a bowl with vinegar in your empty dishwasher and let it run its course. This will clean and deodorize it, you can do this once a week, to be sure that your dishwasher is always clean and ready to take care of your dishes.

It might be surprising to you, but with the same solution you can clean your coffee maker. Put two parts water and one part white vinegar mix into the water chamber, put a filter on and run the machine. The vinegar will pass through it clean it from the inside, without you having do to anything else. When it is done run only clear water once, or twice if necessary, to remove the smell of vinegar, (why make a special solution yourself, you might ask? Well, your coffee will be running through that same machine, better vinegar than chemical-induced cleaning product). And you are set!

Another appliance you probably use every day is your blender. If you do not feel like scrubbing it every day or waiting for it to soak in water and then wash it, here is a tip on how to clean it effortlessly: put a little dish soap in your blender, then add warm water. Turn your blender on, and there you have it – you just cleaned your blender without doing anything at all. Simply rinse it when it is done.

And everyone’s cleaning nightmare – oven and stovetops. There is a trick to clean your greasy oven and stovetops. It is another magical home-made cleaning product. Depending on the grime and grease in your oven, mix baking soda and water to form thick paste, if your oven is very greasy and dirty feel free to add white vinegar and/or dish soap. Spread it all over the inside of your oven and let it sit for 10 minutes (or more if you want to), then wipe it off with a sponge, or scrub a little if necessary. For your greasy stovetops, the trick is to get wax – the same one that you use for your car. Spread wax on your greasy stovetops, leave it 5 minutes and wipe it off with a paper towel. This will not only clean them perfectly, but will help you will future cleaning.

These hacks will save you both money and time. Vinegar, water, lemons and baking soda are already in your kitchen, no need to spend money on cleaning products. With these home-made cleaning products and tricks, you will not have to scrub like crazy. And what is more, these cleaning solutions are all-natural, so there will be no dangerous chemical residues in the kitchens appliances that your family uses every day.

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