A New Approach to the New Year: 2 Rules Method

New Year’s Resolutions!  Who needs them!  You decide you are going to make some change and 2 weeks later you forgot what those changes would be!  I’ll be honest and say I don’t think I’ve ever kept a New Year’s resolution.  That doesn’t mean I have never been successful at making big changes in my life.  Once upon a time, for example, I ate a pretty standard cheesy meaty diet.  I successfully gave that all up almost 4 years ago!  I guess change happens when I have a good reason to make the change and not necessarily when the calendar or tradition say I should.


Still, there are always areas I can approve on and so I’ve decided to take 2016 and my improvements a month at a time.  Instead of deciding on big sweeping changes I am going to focus on small goals, or rules for myself.  I’m a rule follower by nature so I think this could work for me.  Each month I’m going to decide on 2 new rules that I want to follow for next 30 days.

What do I mean by rules?  I haven’t entirely decided yet however I’ll brainstorm a few for you:

  • Make my bed every day
  • Rest for 30 minutes every afternoon
  • I will limit Facebook time 1 hour per day
  • Read for 30 minutes every day to my children
  • Take a 15 minute walk every day
  • Block off one weekend on my calendar with nothing to do
  • Sing loudly with my kids once a day
  • Send a friendly note to a friend once a week
  • Invite one family over this month for a get together
  • Read for myself for 30 minutes a day
  • Declutter one shelf or drawer a day

Do you get the picture?  The possibilities are endless.  The choices could be big or they could be small.  It doesn’t matter.  I like to think my rules will build on themselves.  Whatever I choose for January I will continue in February and those rules will continue on into March etc.

What are my 2 rules for January?  I’m going to start small as I kick this off.

  • Rule 1: Drink 6 glasses of water a day (I stink at this so bad in the cold winter months)
  • Rule 2: Read for myself 30 minutes a day.

There you have it!  I’ll check back in with you in a couple of weeks to let you know how my small January rules are going?  Care to join me?  What will your 2 rules be?


  1. I love this approach! I think my rule number 1 will have to be – read Bible every morning. It’s a habit I do well on occasion and not so well the rest of the time. Rule number 2 – take my shower within half hour of waking up. I tend to lounge around and take a while to do morning routine, then before I know it, it’s 9 or 10 o’clock and I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything, including taking a shower! Haha!

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