Encouragement for Moms: Ask Him!

EncouragmentMothersMatthew77AskHimRight now I’m sitting at my desk giving my all to write words of encouragement to all of the moms out there that will bless me by stopping long enough to read this post.  I love writing encouraging posts.  Can I tell you why?  It might be for less than altruistic reason.  I write encouragement posts because I need the encouragement myself!  Especially right in this moment.  I came to my desk in the corner of my basement in order to get a little quiet space to write what is on my heart.  Wouldn’t you know every single person in my family followed me down here.  Yes all four of my children, my husband, and even my DOG!  If one more person says… “Hey Mommy!” I just might bash my head into a wall.  (Or maybe it’s the sirens from the snap circuit set they just dragged out!) It can be a discouraging to live a life that doesn’t afford you even a few moments to collect your thoughts!  So I write for you and I especially write for me.


Where was I? These days I’ve been thinking a lot about praise and worship.  (By the way I now I have headphones in my ears with music BLASTING!  My few moments of “peace” just might cause me to go deaf.  At this moment I’m not sure how bad of a thing that would be).  When I pray with my children I want to model praise and worship and not just… “God GIMME this and GIMME that!”  A strange thing happens though when I try to bring out heartfelt prayers to honor God.  Right in that moment not a word comes to mind.  Sure I get out… Lord I honor you and I praise you and I worship you… and then I go dry.  It sort of drives me insane.  I know God can see what is in my heart but my children’ aren’t necessarily going to understand that.  I’m not looking to be all flowery but I am looking to show something positive to my children.  Maybe I’m just not quick with the prayer but I’m thinking I may not be alone in this struggle.  God invited me to open my Bible and start looking at what He has told us about praising and worshiping Him.

I asked God to show me how to teach my children to praise Him and I felt as though he instructed me to do a little digging.  With the help of a concordance I simply hunted for the word “Worship” in the scripture and I was words lead to 1 Chronicles 16.  My study Bible tells me verses 8-36 are a song of praise.  Bits and pieces of it can be found in Psalms as well.  And there it was.  Laid out perfectly for me.  A great model that God Himself has provided me for praising Him.  I think the next time I pray with my children I’ll simply begin by reading these scripture verses out loud.

When I stop and ask God to help me He does.  He provided me with tools and resources to that answered my prayer.  Perhaps to some my little example here is not of much consequence.  Surely I could have solved issue on my own right?  Well, maybe with time I might have landed in the same place.  Or maybe I wouldn’t have.  I do know this.  Most everyone is facing something huge in our lives.  Money, marital struggles, sickness… the list is long.  When I’m in the practice of going to God in the small things (though I’ll argue with you that praising God is not so small)… Then it’ll be easy to go to Him with the big things.  God is good and He will help us if we simply ask.

In Mathew 7:7 God tells us…. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”  

I encourage you… ask!

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