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Each year, as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I’m given access to the  Yearly Membership from  This website is treasure trove of fantastic homeschool courses and resources for any family. This website could simplfy your planning, streamline your homeschooling budget, add some spark to your homeschooling curriculum and so much more.  With over 200 courses for children in preschool to twelth grade and resources for parents there is quite literally something for everyone.  It has been a few years so I wrote my won review of  I think it’s time for an update. 

Let’s start at the beginning.  When trying to get the most out of a resource the size of a great navigation system is a must.  Thankfully the website is logically set up with a clean interface and a great menu bar that appears on every page.  The courses are sorted by grade or subject.  It is very easy to drill down to find just the sort of class you are hoping for.  Big, bright, yet simple graphics also help those of us who really work better with visuals zero in on our intended destination.  There is so much content that you’ll likely be forever discovering new courses and resources that you were never aware of.  However if you have something somewhat specific you’d like to use it won’t take more than a few clicks to get there.

What subjects are covered at the  I’m glad you asked! Here they are!


It is really quite possible to get all of your curriculum straight from if you’d like to.  If you did you’d save quite a bit of money over many other curriculum choices.  Each one of those categories represents dozens of courses for every age.  Let me give you one tiny example.  Let’s say you are looking for something under the Language Arts subject for your Middle Schoolers.  Just take a look at all of the course opportunities you will find! SHT5

You’ll find a list of classes like under ever subject and grade level.  Pick and choose according to your child’s needs and interests.

There are other “Must See” sections too!  There is a plethora of resources for parents including planners, checklists of all kinds, achievement certificates and so much more.

Who are the teachers that create the courses? 

There are over 100 men and women who create the courses.  You can see exactly who they are and the courses they’ve created by clicking right HERE.  As I read through the list I see a few familiar names from the larger homeschool community.  I’ve heard some of them speak at conferences or I’ve even had the chance to review some of their other homeschooling materials.  I see a lot of homeschooling mom’s and dad’s.  I see people who hold degrees or experience in the subject area for which they create courses.  I see quality people who know their stuff.

What kinds of courses are my own children taking?

In my family we use to easily fill in any gaps and to create opportunity to study our interests.  For example, we often take a break from our regular math curriculum and use some of what is offered in  Online math practice is great for just what it states… practice.  Multiplication Workshop helped my 8 year old zoom right through that subject.

All 3 of my school aged children (their ages are 5, 8, and 10) use the copywork for handwriting practice.  I love how easy it is to print off what I need at a moments notice.

Lately my 5 year old has been exploring the art section.  She dreams of being an artist when she grows up.  We have been studying to some famous painters.  This is a delight to her.

My 8 year old is currently working his way through the Middle School Computer Science class where he is learning basic website design with HTML, programming concepts, Minecraft Mods, writing Java programs in Eclipse, and much more.  He does have some experience with some of these topics already however I would not have thought to buy him a Middle School level program.  Since we had access to one with an additional charge I saw no harm is letting him give it a shot to see how it goes.  So far he is excelling.  This is one place where really shines.  We can experiment with our interests without risking loosing money or resources.  If it had turned out he wasn’t ready then that would have been just fine.

My 10 year old is currently taking a Drawing with Realism class also meant for Middle Schoolers. This is a video based course and he enjoys the opportunity to watch the same videos over and over as he practices his technique.  He may take a very long time to complete this course and that is absolutely fine. He’s also been able to keep moving ahead with his guitar playing as there is a course for that too.

This is just a small snippet of how my family uses  We are constantly shifting around through the website discovering some thrilling topic we want to dig into.  This is such a risk free way to really explore so many topics.

The Media Library

I would be remissed if I didn’t touch on this subject.  When you subscribe to you also get access to RightNow Media.  There isn’t enough space in this review for me to give adequate justice to what this resource is.  There are over 10,000 video resources for children and adults.  For adults you’ll find video studies and information from Francis Chan, John MacArthur, Dave Ramsey, John Maxwell and others.  For children you’ll find VeggieTales, Adventures in Odyssey, What’s int he Bible for Kids and SO MUCH MORE!  My own church uses RightNow Media for many of our small group Bible studies.  This alone makes such a treasure.

Wrapping it up!

What I’ve written here barely scratches the surface of all that offers.  My words do not do this resource justice.  The cost of this writing is $139 a year and it is worth every red cent.  While I realize I have been blessed with a free subscription, even if I had paid full price for it, this resource saves me hundreds.  The ability to try out new interests without having to find a class and shell out the bucks to see if it is a fit for my child is priceless.  Being able to supplement, add to, or just jump into almost any topic we wish to study without hunting down resources is also priceless.

However, for the month of January there is a spectacular deal.  You can subscribe to a year of for half off!  Just use the coupon code CREWFOLLOWER at checkout and you are good to go!  What a stupendous deal!


I hope you’ve found my review helpful.  If you’d like to see read other reviews of please click below. Review 2016

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