5 Days of Tips for Homeschoolers: How to Have a Great Homeschool Day

How to have a great homeschool day!
Coffee Break Smooth Day

Every family has a different flow to their homeschool.  These things are driven by our family and educational philosophies, our priorities, and the various stages of life we all live through (do you have teens or littles.. or BOTH for example).  I do think there are some pretty universal strategies to making a homeschool day generally run well… or at least give you the best shot at a well run day.

  1. Make your expectations clear with your children.  It may seem that your children should know exactly what you expect of them.  If you are anything like me you probably feel like you are telling them what you expect 100% a day.  I have found though that in my family we need occassional meetings where I layout what I see happening and what I feel should be happening.  I even write things down and display them some place common.  Then, if need be we’ll review that list daily.  A mantra in our home is… Maximum Effort ALWAYS!  We’ve discussed this idea nearly to death and I’m sure they are rolling their little eyeballs at me when I shout it out as they run off to do whatever task I’ve given them.  It does work though! Just three little words can make all of the difference in our home.
  2. Lay out their work ahead of time.  My kids LOVE to know what they will have to do for the day before they even tackle their sit down school work.  We use Homeschool Planet from Homeschool Buyers Coop for scheduling assignments.  I can enter assignments in days, weeks, or months at a time (and them bump them ahead if we don’t get to something).  Each morning they log on and check things off as they go along.  Having that daily list available seems to be the difference between having children with good and willing attitudes and children with unwilling attitudes.
  3. Let the Wiggle! In our home I allow my children to work in whatever position they deem most comfortable.  Often this includes standing.  They even pace while reading or writing out math facts.  If I see a child having trouble concentrating I ask them if they want to “hit the stairs.”  Sometimes running up and down a flight of stairs a few times gives them the kind of brain and body break they need.  Or I simply toss them outside for a little air.
  4. Be Flexible! There will be days when sit down schoolwork just isn’t worth it.  Maybe someone isn’t feeling well or the weather is extra good or the moon is full.  Who knows.  But know that it can be a very good thing to put the work aside from time to time and snuggle up for a movie on the couch or pile into the van for a trip to the park.
  5. Follow Your Instincts! From time to time you may get the feeling that something about your school plan, curriculum, or routine just isn’t working.  When this happens know that it is okay to make changes.  Trial and error may be necessary!  Just remember, you are uniquely suited to raise and educate your own child.  You are the expert on your child.  Move forward boldly.


The members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew are participating in a 5 day series… Tips for homeschool parents.  I encourage you to visit their blogs and read up on their best tips too!

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents


  1. Love the post. Wish I’d been more disciplined when my current student was younger. I thought I was doing him a favor by being a more relaxed home school mom. NOT. Paying the price now in struggles in the high school years.

  2. These are great tips! Our days were similar when my boys were younger too! Having a plan ahead of time was a HUGE part of a successful day, and regular breaks were a must!

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