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Grapevine-Header-Logo_zpsugumvrotEaster is coming very quickly this year.  I always struggle with the most Christ centered way to study and observe this holy day.  I have a great suggestion this year!  Recently my children and I have been using these very unique Bible studies the Resurrection: Beginner for my five year old and Resurrection: Multi-Level for my two older boys ages 8 and 10, from Grapevine Studies. You might remember that we were also blessed to have reviewed other Grapevine Studies.  You can read my previous review of Old Testament Level One.  

The Resurrection Elementary_zpswfgb5lg7

The Resurrection study begins with Judas’s decision to betray Jesus and continues on through the trials, crucifixion, His Resurrection, Jesus’s actions after he rose, the ascension, and then finally describes what the disciples did once Jesus left this earth.

These studies are unique in that the children illustrate the major points and events from the Bible using stick figures.  My children LOVE this.  It is so simple and easy that all of them can do these studies together and feel very successful.  I read the scriptures from the Bible and they draw.  Most scripture references are pretty short so all of the kids stay focused and working.

Our particularly favorite part of this study are the timelines.  Each study begins with one that you add to as you move through the events.  Major events are obviously highlighted well and discussed thoroughly.  The timeline helps the children visually keep track of where we are in history.  The review questions the end each lesson are fantastic and they help Mom too!  Though I study the Bible for my own purposes all of the time it seems these studies also add to my knowledge.  Or, even better, God uses my children’s questions and conversations to teach me more about His ways and His word.  I’m a student here too.

Teacher’s Book

Often times I feel like I can get away without using a teacher’s book but in these Grapevine Studies it is complete necessary.  This is where you’ll find lesson notes, stick figure drawings done for you, timeline drawings done for you, a map, your lesson goals, the memory verses, and the comprehension review questions.


Sample page from the Teacher’s book.

The Student Books

These books are very simple and totally functional.  You’ll find easy to draw in boxes, the short memory verses, vocabulary words, and the review questions as well.  If you have the download like I did you can print and place these in a binder or use a plastic binding machine.


Sample page from the Multilevel Book

What Else You’ll Need

You’ll also need a Bible of course, a dry erase board (we have one on the wall already), a set of 8 colored dry erase markers, and a Bible dictionary.  The kids will also need colored pencils or crayons.

How We Use It

We try to begin each day with our Bible study.  We can easily complete an entire lesson each and every day.  They take maybe 20 minutes if you work diligently.  However our conversations can often go down the rabbit trail and take up considerable time.  These conversations are probably the most important thing that happens in our day and I don’t want to limit them.  So I often break up the lessons into two or three days.  We do just a page or two a day.  It’ll take us longer to finish the curriculum and that is entirely OK with me.  The most amazing thing about this curriculum?  I can do this with all of my children together no matter their level.


Sample of the Traceable Book. If you look closely you can see that the stuck figures are already lightly drawn on the pages and the children just need to trace them.


The Resurrection Bible study from Grapevine Studies is excellent.  There is just no other way to say it.  My children love it and so do I.  It makes studying the events of the Bible and discussing them a breeze.

Grapevine Studies has a wide range of Bible Studies.  Check out the graphic below to see your other choices and how you might like to move through the Bible with your children.

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  1. We only do a couple pages a day, too. The conversations we have are wonderful.

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