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Writing!  What a tricky topic for homeschoolers.  How do you teach your children to be good writers?  It feels so daunting, especially because for whatever reason so many children are reluctant to learn and sometimes down right defiant when you try to teach them.  I’ve been blessed to review more than a handful of writing programs.  Our latest writing review is a product called Here to Help Learning

Here to Help Learning was developed to help homeschool parents and co-op teachers of elementary aged children learn to write well in a fun, easy, and engaging manner.  The program is separated into two different tracks.  There is paragraph writing for kids in 1st to 3rd grade and children in 4th to 6th grade work on essay writing.  The tracks are broken down in something called “Flights.”  One Flight takes a year to complete and each Flight contains 6 assignments.  The younger children will write 6 paragraphs and the older children will write 6 essays except in the final Flight when they write an entire book! Children can enter the program at whatever level suits them.  It is possible to begin the program at the paragraph level but at Flight 2 for example.

I used this program with both of my boys who are 8 and 10 years old.  When we began I placed them right at the very beginning with Flight 1 paragraph writing.  I wanted all of us to get a good handle on the terms and language used in the program.  I’m also of the firm belief that reviewing what you know is always a good thing.


Here to Help Learning is an online program.  Each day that you complete a lesson your child will log on and watch video lessons as they complete the activities. The program is generally designed to be done in just two days a week with one lesson stretching over both days.

Each lesson is broken down into 5 parts:

  1. Pre-Flight Check List
  2. Flight Check-In
  3. Take Off
  4. Full Throttle
  5. Flying Solo

During the Pre-Flight checklist our teacher Ms. Mora is dressed as a flight attendant and she stands inside of an airplane.  Just as a flight attendant does before a plane takes off she walks her passengers (your children) through a series of steps to make sure they have all of the materials they will need to complete the lesson.  This airplane theme follows throughout the lesson complete with a lovable doggy pilot.  The theme is fun.  The graphics used to create the visuals are fantastic.  The whole idea certainly keeps my children’s attention.


The Flight Check-In video has children “handing in” previous work (great for co-ops) and getting their notebooks ready for the next step in the lesson.  This is also the point where Ms. Mora reviews the Bible memory verse for the lesson.

Next comes the Take-Off video.  Here children work on the actual writing process according to where ever they are in their writing assignment (ie. Brainstorming, Rough-Draft, etc)

Games and fun activities are sprinkled throughout the learning making things engaging, not too serious, and adding that element of fun.  At the lowest levels the actual physical writing for children is generally pretty limited to just a few words and perhaps a sentence or two.  Of course over time things build up.  However parents are welcome to have their children dictate what to write if necessary.  This really is a great program for the reluctant writer or the child who is really just embarking on learning to write.


Since I started my children at a much lower level than was necessary they were able to complete an entire lesson in just a short time in one sitting.  I had them work through Flight 1 paragraph writing until they have finished 1 writing assignment.  Then we moved on to Flight 2 paragraph writing.

The videos are engaging and fun! Ms. Mora keeps the children on task and well organized.  Each lesson is very well broken down and children grasp the new concepts easily.  When sticking to the recommended schedule this program is gentle in its approach and takes just a few minutes out of the day.

Over I really rate this program pretty highly.  It is fun!  The children learn important writing concepts. Everything is well laid out and easy on mom the teacher.

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Here to Help Learning Review

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