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My family recently had the opportunity to review a really fun video called Superbook: A Giant Adventure DVD from  Reviewing Christian movies is a fantastic treat for us.  I’m always hunting down new resources to reinforce our Biblical values.

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About is a video store for Christians.  This is a website that offers the sort of family friendly content that is often hard to find.  Their collection is pretty spectacular.  They  have thousands of  Christian Movies at good prices.  What a treasure trove!  This is a one stop shop for the kind of family friendly entertainment that we adore.  But they don’t stop there. is also full of educational DVD’s that teach from a Christian world view.

You may remember that we had the opportunity to review a Tourchlighter DVD of the John Wesley Story.  That makes two animated stories that we’ve been blessed with.  However you should know that offers other Christian movies like The Passion of the Christ, War Room, Woodlawn, and even documentaries on apologetics.  I’ve got my eye on a couple of DVD’s about how the world was created from the creationist view point. They have such a wide variety of choices there is something for everyone.  They offer both Blue-Rays and DVDs available for purchase.  If you’d like to buy a gift for someone but you aren’t sure what they would like, gift cards are available.  They also offer free shipping with a purchase of $40 or more.


About the Movie

Superbook: A Giant Adventure DVD is an animated Christian movie about David and Goliath. We follow Chris, Joy, and Gizmo the Robot as they travel back to the time of David and his brave battle with Goliath.

Chris is a young guitarist who is interested in auditioning for the school band.  However some taunting from his classmates gives him a terrible case of stage fright. As he travels back to biblical times Chris learns about bravery and courage from David himself.  He also learns that anything is possible with God’s help. When the crew arrives back to this day and age Chris finds the courage to audition for the school band.  He gives a rockin’ performance and puts his nemesis in his place.

I loved how they integrated something relate-able to today’s children into the story line.  My children will never face a giant they David did but they do have their own obstacles to overcome… just like Chris.  In the days since we viewed the video together I’ve used it as a conversational jumping off point a few times.  For example, one of my boys has a very big Karate Belt test coming up in a few days.  He is quite nervous.  It is the last test he’ll have to pass before he formally moves into Black Belt Training.  How like young Chris he is.  This video couldn’t have come at a better time for us.

The DVD comes with a Study Guide to aide you in talking with your children about the movie.  It covers three topics:

  1. A Special Gift
  2. A Fierce Battle
  3. An Amazing Victory

You’ll find special Bible verses you can read together and great prayers to pray as a family.


The DVD also comes with bonus features!  You’ll find a video on How to Draw Jesus and a Follow Jesus music video.

If you sign up for the newletter you will recieve a 10% discount coupon on your next purchase.  

Overall is a fantastic resource for your Christian DVD and Blue-Ray needs.  Superbook: A Giant Adventure is a great Christian movie that will give you and your children much to talk about.

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