Homeschooling the Perfectionist Child

The Perfectionist Child

Do you have a child that melts down over your slightest correction in their schoolwork?  One of my son’s tends to be this way.  Learning comes very easily to him.  He learned to read simply by watching his older brother’s lessons and now he can rocket through books far above the level typical for his age.  He picks up math concepts in a flash.  He has an eye for detail and the memory of an elephant. Even physical skills like riding a bike or sports come easily.  While this probably all sounds fantastic (and it is in many ways) the downside is it is tremendously difficult to challenge him.  As a result he doesn’t have much practice dealing with his emotions or working through mistakes.  When a mistake does present itself he tends to overreact and meltdown.  Pridefulness can set in and he can insist he is correct when in truth he is not.


Helping our children have the right perspective with mistakes they make in their schoolwork or in life, helping them analyze their own weaknesses, can be tremendously challenging for any parent.  These character flaws in our children can even seem magnified when we, as homeschooling parents, work alongside our children day after day.

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