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If there is anything in our homeschool that I am big on, and my children adore, is reading wonderful literature. We were recently given the opportunity to review the Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the experience.

Memoria Press is a family run company.  The focus on providing high quality classical christian eductaional materials for homeschools and traditional schools.


Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set was created to help you and your students study Robin Hood, The Door in the Wall, King Arthur, and Adam of the Road, all books set in the Middle Ages. You will receive a workbook for students and a teachers manual for each of these books.

For this review each of my boys chose one book to read.  Noah chose King Arthur and Ezra chose Robin Hood.  I downloaded these books from Amazon for them to read on their own on their Kindles.  I assigned one chapter per day.  They would read their chapter and then fill out the answers to the questions in the workbook pages.

About the Guides

All of the guides are colorful softcover books and are laid out essentially the same.  The student workbooks are laid out by chapter.

  • You’ll begin with a section called ‘Reading Notes.’  I loved this section as it sort of sets the stage or gives you background information that will help the child in their reading.  It covers the names and places you’ll find in the chapter.
  • Next you’ll find vocabulary words to define.  I had my children look up any words they didn’t know in the dictionary.
  • After that you’ll have comprehension questions to answer as well.
  • An interesting thing I’ve never seen before is a section on quotations.  Here the children have to recall who said the quoted part and why the said it. This proved to be a bigger challenge than I imagined it would be!
  • Finally there are questions for discussion as well.  Also included is an enrichment section with ideas to bring the learning further such as acting out a scene or drawing pictures.

The Teacher’s Guide not only walks you through the answers to the student questions but there are also quizzes for the books, a midterm and final exam as well as all of the answers to these.

What We Really Liked About These Guides

We’ve been reading great literature together for years in our homeschool.  I do ask them lots of questions and I even pause to discuss vocabulary words and such.  This is the first time that we were more systematic about this.  I wasn’t sure if this would frustrate my boys.  I thought they’d get aggravated with the stopping and starting but in fact they did not.  They seemed to savor slowing down and checking their understanding more thoroughly.  These guides helped them pay attention to details they hadn’t before.

The enrichment sections was a lot of fun for them.  They are quite used to taking the books they read and turning them into big playful projects not unlike some of the suggestions that were written in these guides.  However, the suggestions sped up their creativity!  In fact they jumped ahead to the enrichment section before reading their chapters to get an idea of the fun they have later on.


If you want to take your literature studies to a new level then you really have to get yourself these study guides.  They are excellent.

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Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

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