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There are SO many things I want to teach my children!  I personally have a fascination with Greek Myths.  Could it be because they are so absurd in some ways?  I mean the stories are just hilarious!  But there is such an educational value to studying them.  So when the chance to review  D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths from Memoria Press came up I was thrilled to be blessed with the opportunity.

What We Received:

DAulaires-Greek-Myths_zps41kctrttI was so thankful we received everything we needed to make this study happen.  In our box we found the Greek Myths Book, a teacher’s guide, a student study guide, and flashcards too!

The D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths books is just beautiful.  It is a sturdy softcover book with thick pages and gorgeous illustrations.  They are so well written and designed perfectly for children.  Each story is short and sweet and yet to the point. Some of the more touchy subjects that you will often encounter in Greek Myths (like affairs between Gods) is a bit glossed over.  As a homeschooling mom you can choose to pause and dive into that topic or just keep chugging on, saving it for day when you believe your children are ready to face these adult issues.  Either way, it is a pretty safe read even for younger children.

Inside the student guide you will find lots of questions, vocabulary words to study, and lots of activities to bring meaning to this topic for your children. The teacher’s guide provides you with the answers for all of these questions (thank goodness right?).  There are also tips and hints for teaching the Greek Myths and progressing through the study.

The flashcards are handy for review.  There is a lot of information here and they sort of solidify it all in your children’s brains.

How We Used It:

This study is a part of the 3rd grade set that Memoria Press offers for sale on their website.  I wouldn’t confine it just to your third grader though.  All 3 of my school aged children ages 5-10 totally enjoyed the book and it was my older son who was able to complete the Student Guide as it is designed for children in 3rd to 6th grade.

This program is divided up into twenty-five separate lessons.  There are also pages for drawing, review lessons, and a final exam.  Every lesson begins with information about what your will read from the text along with facts and vocabulary questions.  These are followed up by the comprehensions questions.  Finally you will end things with the activities.

The activities are simple and straight forward.  You will look back through the text for review as you fill in information or compare and contrast the Myths to Biblical stories.  There are drawing activities which my son loved!  You’ll find deeper discussion questions and even memorization practice.  There is also a pronunciation guide (thankfully), maps, and more.

The teacher’s guide follows along very similarly to the student workbook.  Of course the answers are avaible there for you the teacher.  You’ll find tests to photocopy and more answer keys.  There is a lot of information in here about how to use the program, how to incorporate the memory work and so much more.

The flashcards are numbered according to the lessons.  We typically used these as review just before we began a new lesson.  They are not only great for memorizing but they are also a handy reference tool.


This is one of those studies that mommy liked the idea of but my son was skeptical.  It sounded boring to him.  However once I showed him the D’Aulaires book he interest was spiked and we totally enjoyed all of the discussion and activities after that.  If Greek Myths are on your agenda you will certainly enjoy D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths from Memoria Press.


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