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Sunya the magic and wonder purple_zpstmg0xcp4As a homeschool mom I think it is fantastic whenever I can find a way to make learning fun… particularly when it comes to math. That’s why I was excited to have the chance to review Sunya – The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing from Sunya Publishing.  This is a brand new product in the last phases of development that isn’t yet available to the public. It is a game that is recommended children of at least 9 years of age.  I used this with my 8 and 10 year old sons who are well versed in multiplication and division.

This game comes with an instruction book and sixty multiplication and division cards for play.  There is the multiplying & Dividing Number Line Too as well as 30 math and science cards that have facts and riddles.  This is certainly a game designed for children to learn new things as they play all while having fun.

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To play the game I first had to wade through the instruction booklet which is more than 25 pages long. The instructions are long on details with examples.  There are plenty of variations on the basic game that are included in the booklet.  Rounding out the pages are copies of the math and science fact and riddle cards. It was my goal to simply figure out the basic game before I attempted to play with my children.

I can’t deny the fact that instructions are complicated to figure out.  With perseverance and a little help from my husband I was able to get the general idea of how the game is played:

  • One person acts as the dealer and hands out the card.
  • The dealer lays out the number sentence which are the x and = cards.
  • Four card then dealt to each player.
  • Each player, on their turn, draws a card and then tries to make a multiplication (or division sentence if you are playing in division mode) sentence.
  • If you are unable to play you continue drawing cards until you are able to make a number sentence.
  • The goal is to be the first to use all of the your cards first.
  • The first person to use up their cards and call “Sunya” (which is Sanskrit for “empty.”) wins!

Sunya cards close up_zpsfjzakhziYou can block a person from going out though by preventing them from making a number sentence from what is in their hand though this isn’t always possible.

The winner is able to draw a card from the fact and riddles cards and then share it aloud or ask others to solve the riddle or answer the facts.

This is the most basic and simple version of this game and the way we liked to play the most.  There are several varieties explained in the instruction book and we did try to add other rules or change things up a bit but each time we did everyone was left incredibly confused.  In the end we decided to stick to the basics.  I do believe that the more we play it the more we will understand it and it can change and evolve with us over time.

Over all we enjoyed playing this game with the family.  My husband probably enjoyed it more than I did as he is rather math minded and tricky rules are a fun challenge for him.  With his help I do think we’ll further develop our understanding and be able to try other variations as time goes on.  It is a great tool for reinforcing the multiplication and division facts (as well as number sentences).  It is great for a change of pace in your homeschooling days.  It is often a relief to set aside curriculum and play a learning game for instruction and fun.

I’m hoping that as time goes on Sunya Publishing can figure out how to simplify the instruction booklet.  They try to explain to you why the rules are as they are and that is great.  But over all they are overwhelming and I felt a bit frustrated when I had to ask my husband for help to decipher the rules.

The instruction booklet I received was printed in mostly gray scale with just a few pages in full color.  Sunya Publishing asked to to give them their opinion of which of these variations I prefer.  I do prefer color of course as the examples on those pages was most helpful.

As I mentioned before Sunya Publishing is still putting the finishing touches on developing this game and preparing it for release.  They are also working on an adding and subtracting game that may be just right for younger children.  It may be something we look into in the future for my younger daughter.

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}

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