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Our family has recently has the opportunity to review Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership from  I was so excited about this review because I knew right from the start that this resource is a gold mine for all things Notebooking and unit study related.  My only concern about this review is that my words won’t adequately describe just what a smorgasbord that will become available to you when you sign up for your own membership to Notebooking Pages. 


When you visit the website you’ll have 100’s of FREE notebook pages in all kinds of subjects like Art, History, Bible and more.  However once you begin a membership you’ll then have access to THOUSANDS more.  If I had any one criticism (and it isn’t truly) it is that there is so much here I could use this resource alone for homeschooling my children through high school (so for about 16 more years) and I’d never use everything available. Thank goodness for the Easy Start Guide your are provided.

In case you aren’t familiar with Notebooking, it is creatively using handy notebook pages to inspire and record what is learned, often through narration.  While Notebooking children often draw, color, doodle, describe, outline, fill in blanks, sketch, you name it.  We keep all of our print outs in 3 ring binders.  This makes it a snap to organized your studies by by subject or topic or school year.

Let me tell you about just a few of the categories you’ll find inside the membership areas…. Copy work, transportation, sports, scripture and more).  Character and Bible including journaling, and Old and New Testament.  All kinds of famous people from artists, missionaries, musical composers, presidents, etc etc.  There are plenty of fine art pictures studies.  TONS of history from ancient to modern times complete with timelines.  You’ll find Notebooking pages for every Holiday you’ve ever dreamed of.  There is lots of language arts including the copy work and Latin and Greek word studies.  Then there are the science Notebooking pages… Natures, experiments, anatomy, physiology, etc etc. There are country studies, state studies, and geography pages too.

Honestly this list doesn’t do the website justice.  There is SOOO much there that I could spend hundreds of words trying to describe it all.

When you sign up for the Lifetime Membership you’ll gain access to all of the current Notebooking pages, future Notebooking pages, tutorials and videos, for life!

How We Used It

We began with some easy copy work pages.  We love to use copy work for studying scripture or other important documents and resources and for practicing handwriting.  My children prefer this method over handwriting notebooks.  I love the language skills developed through copy work.  

My Ezra (8), is always interested in studying anything geography related so he asked me to print the country pages.  Together we dug up books at the library to use as resources to fill the pages.  He learned so much and it is so very stress free.

Joyanna (6) enjoyed the art picture studies.  She did a lot of dictating for me in order to complete those pages.  

Another of our favorite notebooks we worked on during this review was the Plants & Tree Nature Study.  I printed the 55+ pages and stuck them into a binder to take with us on a camping trip.  What better place to study streets and plants right?  Actually the Plants & Trees Study is just one fraction of a whole category on nature studies.  I could have printed out over 1,000 pages covering every area of nature.  

Over the course of our trip we went hiking several times and each time we brought along our Nature Notebook, a bag of colored pencils, and a plant and tree field guide.  Following the pages in the notebook was easy.  A lot of information was already provided for us.  Inside we found pages that labeled the parts of a tree, various types of leaves, and so much more.  We compared the information to our field guide and it was always accurate.  I challenged my children to memorize at least a few facts in each area as we colored and labeled and collected specimens.  Later, back at our campsite, they wrote in narration form what they remembered.  Over all this was a lot of fun.  We all learned so much together.  Best of all they remember what they learned! 

What We Think

If I haven’t made it clear already we LOVE this resource.  It is phenomenal.  There is just too much there to describe.  I think this resource is a must for every homeschooler.  The pages are all simple yet beautiful and completely open ended.  Every study can go as deep as the learner would like.  I can’t think of an easier method for following a child’s interest and ability.  You just can’t go wrong with this website.  

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